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  1. This one goes with Farin's story about Nirvana (By the way, I've seen that video on VH1 or something like that and busted up laughing when I saw it). This story made me laugh so hard. So I guess Jared Leto broke his nose because his fans didn't catch him during his stage dive; I can't find any video but I did find the article below! :P

    Nobody caught him!

  2. hmm...not sure which version you wanted us to listen to but I didn't spend a half hour listening to this song :P and I know why there are two version to this song cuz the beginning of the complete version is really weird. But a great song that I love to sing along to whenever I hear it but I do love harder rock songs then this: 8/10

    Sympathy for the Devil: The Rolling Stones

  3. Anybody watch this show too? I've watched a marathon all day today and the last season is debuting on the BBCA this evening (in just about an hour); Anyone gonna watch it?

  4. Oh you got that right, but we love the fact that this show is too much. If Sawyer turns so bad that no one would want to attend his funeral, I may have to stop watching. I was a little upset he killed so easy on the season finale. He had that look of emptiness in his eyes. I am not happy about that at all!!

    Is Sawyer your favorite? I love him and all his nicknames (which there haven't been much of lately)! The season finale just tripped me out! I heard that the season doesn't start again until January of '08! I can't wait that long.

  5. I just drew a blank on another song. The music video features a couple in an apartment that portrays a fight but the boyfriend is really dead and she is upset that he died and he (as a ghost) is trying to stop her from leaving the apartment and when she storms out, she runs a red light and gets into a car accident that kills her and the couple is reunited at the scene of the crash, both dead. It's a rock song that is from a few years ago.

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