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  1. On a hotdog ? I'd have to say brats . Cooked alone , I'd go the other way .

    A freshly cooked Whopper or an A&W Teen Burger ?

    double check rayzor's post, right above me.. man, i just don't type fast, or i forget what i was saying..L&P

  2. i have to go with "i feel like i'm fixin'to die rag" great song

    it has an unforgetable chorus:

    and it's one, two, three,

    what are we fightin' for?

    don't ask me, i don't give a damn,

    next stop is vietnam;

    and it's five, six, seven,

    open up the pearly gates,

    well, there ain't no time to wonder why,

    whoopee! we're all gonna die.

    :help: :drummer: :rockon:

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