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    There you are, you got this smile moving towards me. Your eyes set on mine. One on one, I once let you try, and you tried. Once we were, laying side by side. Staring at the sky, knowing the thought in eachothers minds. And I liked it.. Your looking at me, from right across the ocean. And now I’m no longer hoping for you to be here. Cause I’m safe, either way you count it. You are gold I have found it And I hope that it is mine.. Cause the way you looked was the way that I hoped. And the courage it took to get you, I sometimes don’t know. If the pages were numbered, Iâ€
  2. Rob


    started with a smile and nod. To the other room where it gets hot. Then colder from that last thought. The wind it blew and my mind it stopped. I promise not to get upset. If you promise not to get upset. For once I just want to listen to your stories. I could tell you that you’re missing one regret. When you were younger, what happened? This time we have you can’t forget. When I spoke I didn’t studder, this matters. You said you’re sorry. I said I’m sorry. Either way the same’s been said. I won’t bend till you break.
  3. This is a gift for my sis.. .. I like it. If it was the beginning of it all. You think I still choose to hold ya? Cause I know I can’t go back. Even if I never wanna. I’m waging some wars alone ya. Away from you, often away from me. But smiling the days away still. Cause your breaking out that smile you smile. Sugar you keep me warm, When my blood boils cold. And when my world is abandoned. You’re there I know. Wait, I know right now little one. I see ya once in a while. Break out the memories hun. I gotta leave tonight.
  4. Lets all oh no. Lets all find a way out. Where’s the path? Where’s the beginning? Fall fall. We all go down to hell. Small we are. We all go down to hell. I don’t need a reply right now. Oh honey it’s been awhile. These drinks go down a lil smoother. The clock just seems to move. From the window of my motel. Lost cars and yellow paint. It’s so obvious.. it’s so present. My life is in the streets. Where did my poise come from. The structure feeds the need. Overcompensate the future. And the present… the pre
  5. Rob


    Falling into vision. Whisper soft, sweet, and low. Baby lift your head. Filter thoughts, my lips move slow. I don’t know, you said. I wish I did you said. I’m at a loss of words you said. So I’ll just have to show you. What words come out. First I shudder from my fear. Baby lift your head. Oh no, listen you can hear. I don’t know I said. I wish I did, I said. I’m at a loss of words I said. So I’ll just have to show you. I’m not waiting for anything. Time without you was waiting long enough. But with this ti
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