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    Word Up II

    "Well he went down to dinner in his Sunday best Excitable boy they all said He rubbed the potroast all over his chest Excitable boy they all said Well, He's just and excitable boy" Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy word up~stand-in
  2. October~Broken Bells (I really need to get a hold of that album) "Is your bed made? Is your sweater on? Do you want to f**k Like you know I do?"
  3. ^Meh, I think it's an OK song. Chronicles of Narnia: LLW OST~The Blitz, 1940
  4. Our 2010 Marching Band Show is entitled "Artistry in Blue." It features, you guessed it, songs that are "blue" be it songs with "Blue" in the title, or, Blue versions of songs. I can recognize most of them, except for one. The first song in the ballad segment, which starts at 2:00 in the video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_pHlblrsz0 The actual melody I'm talking about kicks in at around 2:15 in the upper woodwinds, (Flutes, clarinets, alto saxes) and is echoed my the trumpets at 2:37. Over The Rainbow starts at 3:06 as a trumpet solo, being backed by a Bari Sax. (We took out the trumpet 2/3 and the alto sax parts, our director thought it was too much) Anyway, if you recognize the melody at 2:15, please tell me. It just seems like it would be odd to have an original melody in a song full of popular tunes. Oh well.
  5. The Shins~Kissing The Lipless "You've tested your mettle of Doe's skin and petals While kissing the lipless Who bleed all the sweetness away"
  6. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones~Numbered Days
  7. fun.~All the Pretty Girls (On a Saturday Night) "...I wish all the pretty girls were shaking me down. But not you, I feel your faith is destroying the world and then this one never really understood the 80s is over and done Oh c'mon, what's a boy to do, when all the pretty girls can't measure to you?"
  8. Van Morrison~And It Stoned Me "Half a mile from the county fair, the rain came pouring down. Me and Billy standing there with a silver half a crown."
  9. The Shins~Girl on the Wing "One wound-up punch of intuition Lays flat my whole take on us. You're the girl on the wing of a barnstormer The tidal rabbit who came of age Before her time."
  10. I've never really liked metal. Just everything about it. (except the drums, like you said) I just don't understand the attraction to the music. It's just not my cuppa tea I guess!
  11. Friends to Go-Paul McCartney "I've been waitin on the other side, for your friends to leave So I don't have to hide, I prefer they didnt know So I've been waiting on the other side, for your friends to go"
  12. Can't Take It In~Imogen Heap "Can't close my eyes They're wide awake Every hair on my body has got a thing for this place Oh empty my heart I've got to make room for this feeling so much bigger than me It couldn't be any more beautiful - I can't take it in"
  13. Train~If It's Love "My feet have been on the floor, flat like an idle singer Remember Winger? I digress I confess; you are the best thing in my life But I'm afraid when I hear stories about husband and wife There's no happy endings, No Henry Lee But you are the greatest thing about me If it's love...."
  14. To Aslan's Camp~Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe OST
  15. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones~That Bug Bit Me "That bug bit me, I'll admit Stunned; It took a while to hit! And when it hit me I was bit, sh*t; I came clean with it!"
  16. Thanks! We got 6th place at Finals at the Championships in Wildwood that year. Not bad for being 2nd year it;s been around after a LONG break, because the school stopped supporting it. When our new band director got hired a few years ago, he decided to start it up again. Also, we did a very good job, because the show's music was very difficult for a bunch of wind instrument players on mallets. (The bassist does play bass though, and plays Bari Sax in marching band) Also, the highest 2 bass drums are actually wind players! (Bass Drum 2 was in Gnomon last year, though. He normally plays the trumpet) PS. Did you understand the concept of the show? It's called Variations of Canon. (in D) Each letter (C-A-N-O-N) represented a variation. There are also some Pop songs buried in there; "Can't Help Falling In Love," "With or Without You," and "Sk8er Boi" from what I recall. The snare part from Bolero is in there, too; You can't see the kid who was on Aux. Percussion 2 that often. He was next to the glockenspiel. Did you also get the part where we played the music forward, then backwards? That's what the spelling was. We ditched that for finals and the battery did some complex marching in silence.
  17. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones~Noise Brigade
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