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  1. Kinda, I have a book that has it: Verse 1: Bagism, Slagisim, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism, This ism, that ism. (chorus) Verse 2: minsters,sinsters,banisters and canisters,bishops and fishops, rabbits,and popeys,bye bye, bye byes (chorus) Verse 3: Revolution,Evoulition,Masacation,Flagellation, Regulations,intergrations,Meditation,United Nations,Congratulations. (chorus) Verse 4;John and Yoko,TimmyLeary,rosemary,tommy smothers,Bobby Dylan,Tommy Cooper, Derek Taylor,Norman Mailer, Hare Krishna,Hare,Hare Krishna (Chorus)
  2. 1.I'm Down 2.Blackbird 3.Yesterday 4.Only A Northern song 5.She's A Woman 6.Across The Universe(the Noone's Gonna change our world album.) 7.And Your Bird Can Sing 8.Strawberry Feilds Forever 9.12-Bar Orignal 10.I Feel Fine
  3. they should stick w/ THE WHO
  4. that song kicks buttox!!!
  5. My other one would be Lemon Pipers. ;D (green tambourine)
  6. My other would be: Not Guilty, for looking like a freak, making friends with every sikh. Not Guilty~George Harrison :guitar:
  7. I Just want to know Peoples' favorite lyrics. Mine are: Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun, And the first one said to the second one there "I hope you're having fun!" Band on the run, band on the run. And the jailer man and sailor sam were searching every one~Band On the Run~Paul McCartney
  8. 1.Boris the Spider 2.Pictuers of Lily 3.Pinball Wizard 4.I can see for miles 5.Substitute 6.I'm a Boy 7.My Genration
  9. PAPER LACE!!! (The Night Chicago Died!)
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