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  1. Wow it looks like quite a few of us grew up with radio. I remember listening to the little 6 transistor radios late at night under the bed covers so momma wouldn't discover be up past my bed time. I not only was a rock fan ,but I loved listening to those early baseball broadcast.

    I would pick up Bob Prince in Pittsburgh, Harry Carey in St.Louis, the guys that did the old Houston Colt 45's, the Mets, the Yanks, and of course the Reds with Waite Hoyt. I got my interest in being a play by play man during those early years. My favorite team was the Millwuakee Braves,but I couldn't pick up there broadcast. They had one the smallest networks in baseball back then. Oh occassionally I would pick up the Phills games back then Uncle Joe. Man I remember Uncle Joe that Johnny Callison was a Braves killer back then. He seemed to always come through in the clutch.


  2. RT's tough Stuff

    1. Sunny. I will get it correct this time, Bobby Hebb. Once again the summer of 66 wins out for me.

    2. Never MY Love. I listened to this a lot when I had my first teenage "crush".

    3. These Eyes. A great song and voice, Burton Cummings.

    4. She Loves You. What can I say. A classic from the best rock group of all times.

    5. Time Of The Season. One of my all time favorites

    6. Soul Deep. "Love is a river running soul deep". A great line.

    7. Do Wah Diddy Diddy. I can still see Bill Muarry and Harold Ramis doing this number as they are marching in the movie "Stripes"

    8. Superstition.

    9. It Don't Come Easy. Ringo's big hit.

    10. Lady. A real good 80"s song.


  3. Here she goes

    1. Sunny Bobby Hebb - Again I go back to one of my memorable times the summer of 66. Seems like there was great tunes that summer of my youth. The Loving Spoonfuls "Summer In The City" and Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" battled it out for number one on my local AM stations.

    2. Beth by KISS - What a tender and beautiful song coming from the throats of the KISS Army. There was no blood spewing on this number.


  4. I guess I am one of the "Old Foggies". I must apologize, but I really don't know much of the newere music. We don't have kids in the house so I really don't listen to contemporary music. The music I nominate for the most part means something to me personally. The songs I nominate played an important part in my growing up into the person that I am.

    I know there is some good newer music out there, it is just I am not that familiar with that genre.

    I hope that explains why I nominate the way I do.

    Hey its for fun anyway and I enjoy what OLD 55 has put together for us.

    Everyone have a great weekend and if your fortunate to have your mum don't forget her this weekend.


    "and the sign said long hair freakie people need not apply so I tucked my hair up under my hat and went in anyway." The Five Man Electrical Band

  5. So many good ones and only ten picks.

    1. Bridge Over Troubled Water S and G at there best.

    2. Here Comes The Sun A feel good one from the Beatles

    3. Reflections One of the best from a girl super group. Can't help thinking of "China Beach" when I here this one

    4. (Sittin' on) The Dock Of The Bay. From a soul master whose life was cut way too short.

    5. What's Going On This song on the juke box at Fort Dix New Jersey helped me get through basic training a loooong time ago.

    6. Down On The Corner One of my favorite groups CCR

    7. Get Together Great song from the flower power era.

    8. Peggy Sue From a rock legend whose life also was cut way too short.

    9. This Magic Moment. I believe Jay and the Amercians is one of the most underrated groups in rock history. Jay Black, man what a great voice.

    10. Jet Airliner. From one of the smoooooth groups of rock; The Steve Miller Band "Some People call me the space cowboy"

    Man OLD 55 I sure hated to leave out Elvis' "Suspicous Minds" and Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes off You."


  6. Hey guys I have deciphered the new format. Looks like everything is a Go for our 10th set of nominations.

    1. Peggy Sue by Buddy Holley. One of the founding fathers of the Rock-A-Billy movenment.Holley tore them up with Peggy Sue in the Apollo Theater in Harlem. He had everyone dancing in the aisles.

    2. I will try a girl group for once. Reflections by The Supremes. A great song and the theme song for a great TV show "China Beach" staring the stunning Dana Delaney.


  7. Some real good ones here. I hated to leave off a number of them, but here goes.

    1. The Sound of Silence. Great lyrics

    2. Kind of a Drag My high school graduating class top song.

    3. Fire and Rain

    4. Brown Eyed Girl

    5. La Bamba

    6. Rainy Night in Georgia I remember going on a college field trip to Gerogia and listening to that song.

    7. Both Sides Now. A beautiful song and lady

    8. Heart Full of Soul

    9. Year of the Cat. Interesting art work on the album cover

    10. She's Gone


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