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  1. Yes, Jon Bonham is numero uno for best ROCK drummer I think. His bass drum sounds 50' feet wide!LOL
  2. yes...good call!!! Bonham definitely! Jeff Porcaro mentions Bonham in this drummer instruction video HERE
  3. Hey check out this video of Jeff explaning the Rosanna groove. It blew me away! :shock: ~~~~Video of Jeff explaining the Rosanna groove~~~~~
  4. Batman!LOL Good choices guys! I think my top 5 are: 1) Jeff Porcaro 2) Bill Bruford 3) Steve Gadd 4) Phil Collins 5) Aynsley Dunbar
  5. I would have to pick Jeff Porcaro. Look at this list of artists records he's played on! ~~~~~ Jeff Porcaro sessions ~~~~~ It's really quite shocking isn't it? Mark
  6. That's an easy one. Just don't put anything in the song that doesn't sound good!
  7. Hey that's cool...a fellow Windsorite!!! thanks a lot Ken!
  8. Does anyone know? It's driving me crazy!LOL Thanks! Mark
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