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  1. i wanted to get the word out on the band The Pettit Project (it's pronounced pet-it, not petit) i heard these guys on the show "radio free rosco" and i coudn't get enough of them.while i usually don't like pop i couldn't deny that these guys have talent. there from the suburbs of Toronto Canada and they are a mix of guitar heavy, punk-pop,thats loaded with melody and tons of synthesizers.go to http://www.thepettitproject.com/ there u can check out some of there songs. so far my favourite is 99 lives.
  2. i've only heard a couple millencolin songs and i love their upbeat style.The song i like the most is "pepper".
  3. i've also noticed that not alot of people have heard of rise against. Only a few of my friends have heard of them. there definatley one of my favourite bands and i want to help spread the word.some of there songs people should check out are like the angel, blood to bleed, voices off camera, alive and well, and torches. there all wicked tunes
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