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  1. guess i should list what i have so far: helio sequence - harmonica song elliott smith - alphabet town wilco - she's a jar the clash - train in vain belle & sebastian - me and the major the pretenders - middle of the road led zeppelin - bring it on home ryan adams - firecracker rolling stones - miss you david bowie - a new career in a new town beatles - love me do bruce springsteen - atlantic city billy joel - piano man doobie brothers - long train runnin other songs in consideration: alice in chains - rotten apple allman brothers - done somebody wrong area code 615 - stone fox chase badly drawn boy - a minor incident beck - cold brains beck - bottle of blues beck - broken train culture club - karma chameleon doobie brothers - long train runnin lynyrd skynyrd - mississippi kid neil young - keep on rockin (acoustic) stevie wonder - that girl willie nelson - stay all night and songs from the last one i made (both being for my brother who plays harmonica): 1. the vagabond - air f. beck 2. don't follow - alice in chains 3. fuc.king with my head - beck 4. the wizard - black sabbath 5. imagine - blues traveler (cover) 6. hurricaine - bob dylan 7. roadhouse blues - the doors 8. song for jeffry - jethro tull 9. oh yoko - john lennon (my personal favorite) 10. when the levee breaks - led zeppelin 11. harvest moon - neil young 12. smile - pearl jam 13. canary in a coalmine - the police 14. come pick me up - ryan adams 15. mary jane's last dance - tom petty 16. in the garage - weezer 17. trip through your wires - u2 any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated. but i should mention not to bother w/suggestions of songs by dylan, weezer, alanis morisette or blues traveler (unless its a really good cover) thanks again
  2. ..go (making a mix please and thank you)
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