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  1. Ed Robertson Steven Page Kevin Hearn :: John Lennon i worship BnL and Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle
  2. why can't anyone write songs about being in love and being happy? true, there are a few, but it seems like all anyone writes about is being heartbroken! what about all the sappy love songs they wrote for their girlfriend/boyfriend while they were still together?! it frustrates me no end.
  3. oh, PS, as i assume you figured out, i fibbed a bit in my location.
  4. yeah, i've heard them too. i'm a huge BnL fan and i worship kevin hearn i couldn't find any of their cds in stores around here in the US of A and assumed i was just looking in all the wrong places, but i guess you can only get them in canada or online. thank you for confirming my sanity.
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