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  1. best present: lost season one!

    better present: waiting for next episode...i wonder if they'll ever have a themed xmas episode...you know...but i guess they couldnt really put up lights or anything...[sigh]

  2. stupid kate. and her messed emotions with blaming old bygons on why she cant feel emotions for sawyer and then she goes and just kisses jack just because she is all confused and upset. silly silly kate. i expected more from her. i didnt quite picture her as a biker either.

    jin & sun...make me happy. :]

  3. pishposh

    not all the men in there have to be hardcore heman. they have sawyer, jack, michael, sayhid, jin and locke to do all that. they have to have a normalish weakyguy like charlie.

  4. charlie and claire. i like them they are so cute with their little babe. and im really happy that jin and sun had a "PASSIONATE EMBRACE" when he came back, that means maybe they areready to be back together. :] warm fuzzies. poor sayhid what will he do without shannon?

    maybe its for the best...and new characters might arrive...

  5. ...i guess...[huge sigh]...but still...i dont like kate...but if sawyer has to pick from ana lucia or kate...i want him to pick kate.


    what is kate's huge secret past??!

  6. uggh i dont see how anyone can find kate attractive she's like a constant blehh, she bugs me to no end. with this completely unresolved her bouncing back between sawyer and jack.

    im sure by now her legs are as hairy as a bears.

    but i am curious...about her crime


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