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  1. since 55's not back lets try new trivia. Along the lines of Jeopardy give the answer and let the factors' come up with the question. Not necessarily music related, sports, movies, anything goes. Remember your answer must be in the form of a question.

    I'll get it started with the first answer:

    This major league Hall of Famer left a "promising" career with the Harlem Globetrotters for baseball, after no basketball teams wanted him

  2. I think it's a tie. Yeah the Uk has the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Led Zep, Kinks, on and on but... besides most of the early stuff being US there are entire genres that don't fall into the UK. Like the entire Southern/Country rock thing, Country in general, Dylan. Joplin, Morrison and all the blues/rock stuff. Who cares where it comes from if it's good? ;)

  3. Ooohhh....Here it goes! ::

    You can compare Jagger to Bowie? I'll take Jagger anyday, but it's like the previous argument(which was fun, and I helped win it! Noob that I am!)Once again it's apples and oranges. Bowie is serios talent. Jagger is the consumate performer/rockstar. Take your pick!!

    Bowie to me? :neener: :neener:

  4. You know, I suspect a lot of talented people stayed away from AI Just because of being made fun of and the whole thing. I watched most of it. Not because I thought It was any great talent show or anything. I watched for the entertainment value. The competition..just to see how the voting and winning would go. Sort of like a sporting event you know? It's not so bad. ::

  5. Does anyone consider them serious music? A modren Day Kiss? No matter whether you like them or not (I do) they made serious music. There's no doubt of the talent there. Insane Clown Posse is a dirty joke, and if you can laugh at them(I can)you can enjoy them. Sure they go too far, but is that all that unusual ? :: :laughing:

  6. Gretchen Wilson is my new favorite, besides being traditional, she's a good ol redneck gal, from my neck of the woods. We are proud of her.

    Besides Jimi, Janice, the Stones, and all the rock I grew up with:

    I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool :coolio:

  7. Since most of my picks have already been mentioned, I had to think on this.Strangely enough since my tastes normally run to Jimi, hard rock guitar, and blues, I think the banjo-like playing of Lindsay Buckingham is/was very underrated. Say You Will is phenominal.

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