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  1. Are there any others here who enjoy watching the sky, as in the moon and stars, and thier positions etc? Something will happen this month that has never been seen in recorded history,and will not be seen again till the year 2287.

    The planet Mars and Earth will be in closer proximity than has ever been seen before. During August Mars will be the brightest object in the sky. It will get closer and closer to Earth, until it reaches its zenith on August 27th. On that day not only will it be the brightest object in the sky, it will be the largest, appearing as large, or larger than the moon. This may not be of interest to many, but there are a few skywatchers besides me, and I think it's cool!! :coolio: :thumbsup:

  2. You know, I hadn't read it here or heard this until today. Apparently Rod Stewart felt a real obligation and empathy for Long John, because Rod was paying his medical bills at the end! Decent of him.

    Rest in peace / No Boogie Woogie for the King!

    No wonder I hadn't seen it! edna just posted this this morning!

  3. Pud 'n tain, Pud 'n tain, ask me again and I'll tell you the same.

    Unc, I thought I was the only one that remembered that old saying!!!! My grandma used to say that! :coolio:

    Deos anyone not know my name?! ::

  4. Sammy and HD are right. Another song "Keep off the Grass" was popular, but I don't know if it charted or not. My favorite thing about Steppenwolf was an album I had. It had a picture of a car which looked exactly like a huge male member. Very detailed. Very shocking for a 13 year old girl!!! ::

  5. Oh, and one other thing.. "You take the goofy music away..."

    Isn't that part of the whole point? The music is goofy, it's not genius.. It's just kind of annoying. :P

    No, I was repeating you....It is genius, in my opinion, if not my taste always. It's all in the eye (or ear)of the listener! Read Uncle joe...he much more expressive than I. ;)

  6. Chris and Batman...I'm a lot older and was around for some of the beginnings of Zappa. You're both right in a way in my opinion. Zappa was big with a lot of acid-heads back then for obvious reasons. But with the "music people in the know" he really is supposed to be a genius. I mostly appreciated him for bringing his friend Don Van Vliet and Beefheart to the forefront, and the tracks they did together are very different.

    A lot of Zappa's stuff is really poetry, and if you take the goofy music away, the lyrics can be thoughtful. I also think a lot of his "genius" lied in engineering and producing....doing stuff with a lot of symphony orchestras,and just going off in weird ways.

  7. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Diggs I would use the word funnily. Funnily = Strangely!

    I don't remember who the opening act was at any of the 3 Stones concerts I saw when I was young and stupid...2 in the 70's, 1 in the 80's. That one was at Busch Stadium, it wouldn't have mattered. Kenny Wayne Shepard opened the last time I saw them in was it '99? Bridges To Babylon Tour. Shepard just sounded sad. His sound system was lost in the Savvis Center, you couldn't hear them at all. Not good. :thumbsdown: The Stones however.. :thumbsup:

    That 70's show? It was my life!!! . I was basically Donna! :googly:

  8. go to one of those sites where you can hear a little blip. I think Easy Livin was thier biggest hit but I could be wrong. They were just typical 70's classic hard rock. I was never a huge fan, but if you are into classic rock, you should at least give them a listen. They had thier time of popularity.

    I'm sure you've heard them and didn't realize it anyway! ::

  9. CC Darlin' see my post a few up.....good catch anyway>>

    thank you dear. This workin' and postin is tough. I've got 3 computer screens! That was an odd coinkydink tho. I honestly just heard that on the radio about 15 minutes before that when they played Bang The Gong! :doh: :doh:

  10. I love your list there, EagleEye....but Genesis blows, and most likely so do you.

    Naive?..... :doh:

    :afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

    :thumbsup: :laughing: :thumbsup: :doh: :thumbsup: :laughing:

    Baby, you need to do a little more research into this site before you go labeling people. At least half of us here have listened to these "great rock bands" up close and in personal, and when the music was new. Very few here are that naive, even the youngers. We've just had the time and experience to form our own opinions. And it's not nice to shout. :thumbsdown:

    Oh and Batman....Listen to Uriah Heap! :thumbsup:

  11. I bought my nephew 2 tickets to this concert in st louis for his graduation. I am the coolest aunt!! according to him (and I think so too). He said the concert was fantastic! I told him he was lucky I didn't keep those tickets for myself! :rockon:

  12. Sometime in the 90's I realized I couldn't listen to what was being played as "new"music on the radio. That's when I went back to the stuff I really liked from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and some 80's.I realized I didn't need to be cool and keep up with the kids. I just wanted to hear music I liked. And most of what I liked isn't really mainstream anyway, cause I like the blues, and some really off the wall stuff by Beefheart, besides the classic rock radio stuff.

    Not to say I don't like todays music at all. I like anything that is done well, and makes me want to Move!!!

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