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  1. Geez Batman, I wouldn't know where to even begin to do that stuff. This younger generation...sheesh!

    You're good.

    Wow angel so are you! I really like the look of that. I wish I were more computer savvy.

  2. Janis was a lost soul...she longed for real love and looked in all the wrong places trying to find it, and drugs killed the lonliness and pain. Funny thing is, if she hadn't of been so deep with pain maybe she would have not been the singer she was. You know with Janis every word comes from within her, deep in the soul. And who can't identify with that at a point in their life? She was a gift, too bad she never realized it.

    I would have said the same thing Jane. I'm an extreme Janis admirer. When people talk about the blues, they tend to leave her out, a lot of people identify her with the late 60's San Francisco sound, but that was psychedelic/electric, not really Janis' style at all. Even her upbeat songs were really sad, looking back, cause you know she was stoned out of her mind. Her personal life was so sad.

  3. That little Topo Giggio could belt out a tune.

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    I just wonder Joe, how many of us actually remember ol Topo??

    When I saw this topic the first thing I thought of was "Volare, whoa whoa, Contarde, oh whoa whoa whoa. Mom would be proud!

  4. AS...Elvy turned me onto Susan Tedesci also, so much that I bought a CD. Course now, I'm broke (no buying CDs')and can't download so I don't get to hear anything but samples of her.

    It seems like you like newer bands....have you listened to any of the old guys??? You'll like 'em!!!

  5. Jane it looks like you've been welcomed by all with open arms!! I'll add my welcome, and glad to have you. I've been here a year and a half, maybe longer, been through 2 personalities, good times, and bad, and I know there are always people here just waiting to make my day!!!!

    And yeah....Sammy's big on frisking(he might even pay you!!) :googly:

  6. Sweet Jane I spend more time listening to blues than anything else anymore (though I'll never abandon my first love of rock). I listen to just about everything listed above. I'm glad to find another Janis fan. How do you feel about Little Girl Blue?? I love it. A couple weeks ago I went to Buddy Guys Legends club. Got a whole new education there. Listen to Lonnie Brooks, whom I heard the first time there. Not a really big name, but a really big talent. In addition to the above listed how about a couple more ladies, as in Koko Taylor and Etta James? I love Etta. There are quite a few Blues fans here, as you can see!!

  7. OK time to eat a little crow.

    I moaned and complained that due to my own foolishness I got stuck with Marc Bulger. Sorry Mr Bulger. Thanks to the yardage he's picked up I'm not doing too badly at this point(which could always change). I might even say to RonJon "your butts lookin pretty good!" Does the RonJon just sucks commitee transfer to football??

    Also a thank you to My 3 Sons. Da da da da, da da da da. A little foot tapping please. I have not allowed them to help me or even offer advice. However I spent probably 12 to 15 years hauling those boys to 1 game or practice or another. I've spent countless hours sitting in the stands rooting thier teams on. Thanks guys, a little more rubbed off than I thought. When I start losing you can tell me what to do!!! :)

  8. Laurie, that would have been amazing. Los LOnely Boys with the Stones was pretty amazing. The little I knew of them, I thought they had an awfully Santana-ish sound(a little more bluesy maybe).

    Anyway, Sammy we are waiting......How the Heck were your concerts?????? I want to compare notes!!

  9. Oh man, I have missed all these baby pictures!! They are all so adorable. Elvy, you're bringin' that boy up right!!! Seriously, words fail me, we have got to have the cutest bunch of babies and kids. I need to post my grandson's picture, and the new one, when he gets here!!!!

  10. I never knew talent was a requirement. I have to be the worst (really) singer in the world. Does that stop me? I'm the car next to you at the stoplight, windows down, stereo blasting singing at the top of my lungs, dancing away. You've Lost That Lovin Feelin...wonderful. I was listening to Jackson Browne tonight, The Load Out/Stay. Boy do I love singing the Ronnie Spector part, and then the falsetto....you don't want to be around. One thing though, I don't karaoke and I try not to loudly inflict myself on strangers. Those are the only rules! ;)

  11. ;)

    Batman, I have to agree music is not something to

    rationalize. But I do think that it touches the spirit and soul more than anything else. I love that quote, about music expressing the inexpressable. That just about sums it up, I think. There's no way I could I tell you why a song touches me, in what ever way, it just does. And those songs that get to me are not of any particular type or style, they just are.

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