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  1. 1. Angel From Montgomery – Bonnie Raitt (1974)

    2. Fight the Good Fight – Triumph (1981)

    3. Uncle Lijiah – Black Oak Arkansas (1971)

    4. A Man I'll Never Be – Boston (1978)

    5. Wildfire – John Mayer (2013)

    6. Free For All – Ted Nugent (1976)

    7. First I Look At The Purse – J. Geils Band (1970)

    8. These Dreams – Heart (1986)

    9. Congratulations – The Rolling Stones (1964)

    10. Willin' – Linda Ronstadt (1974)

  2. 1. Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac (1976)

    2. Teenager in Love - Dion and the Belmonts (1959)

    3. Horizontal Bop, The – Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (1980)

    4. Back In The Saddle – Aerosmith (1976)

    5. Whiskey Man – Molly Hatchet (1979)

    6. If I Had $1,000,000" - Barenaked Ladies (1992)

    7. Be My Baby – Andy Kim (1970)

    8. Roar – Katy Perry (2012)

    9. Fireball – Deep Purple (1971)

    10. Combination Of The Two – Janis Joplin & Big Brother & The Holding Company (1968)

    And welcome to SF Ryan! :bow:

  3. 1. White Rhythm and Blues - J.D. Souther (feat Phil Everly) (1979)

    2. All I Wanna Do is Make Love To You - Heart (1990)

    3. Where Were You When I Needed You - The Grass Roots (1966)

    4. Waist Deep In The Big Muddy – Pete Seeger (1967)

    5. Whisky Train - Procol Harum - (1970)

    6. Back on My Feet Again – The Babys (1979)

    7. Talking In Your Sleep - The Romantics (1983)

    8. A House Is Not A Home" - Dionne Warwick - 1964

    9. Another Park, Another Sunday - The Doobie Brothers (1974)

    10. She's My Baby - The Traveling Wilburys

  4. Apparently , from a podcast I heard ,Bakersfield smells like a sewer from all the agricultural waste around it , as well as from the combined pollution from the major cities blowing in and combining around it . Is that right, kids ?

    Actually no - it doesn't smell at all. That would not have made my list at all. It does however, have the worst air quality in the state of California. When you're talking California, and if we're the worst, well that's just scary.

    Bakersfield is more or less in a bowl, with mountains all around. The pollution becomes trapped in the bowl, just sits there, and that's what we get to breathe. Traveling the Grapevine (the route from LA) when you are descending, it can be pretty gross, at times you can't see the city at all it's just a dirty low cloud.

    And yeah, there's tons of agriculture here, but I don't know that they are the worst offenders - there are also oil fields, and I think they take the prize actually. And it's dirty - the dust blows all the time, and there's a film on everything. There is an huge homeless population, and there are some really bad parts of town - we stay on the west side, where we belong. ;)

    But, armpit that it is, it's home now, and we'll make the best of it. I like living in a smaller city, and there are some benefits. All that agriculture means we have the probably the biggest and best selection of produce and flowers in the state at all times! There are mountainsides covered in flowers in the spring, and some nice countryside out where my dad's farm used to be. Not much nightlife, but there is a fairly large music community here and you can bet we'll make at least one trip to Buck Owen's Crystal Palace :). It's 2 hours or less to mountains, LA, or the coast (I think Pismo Beach is closest), so all in all it could be worse.

    But then ... there is the whole San Diego/Bakersfield thing - a bit too much like the Heaven/Hell thing. ;)

  5. 1. Roll Me Away – Bob Seger (1983)

    2. Flying High Again – Ozzy Osbourne (1981)

    3. Two Lane Highway - Pure Prairie League (1975)

    4. Wishing Well - Free (1972)

    5. Steppin' Out – John Mayall's Blues Breakers (1966)

    6. Look At Yourself – Uriah Heep (1971)

    7. Air That I Breathe, The – Phil Everly (1973)

    8. One By One - The Black Seeds (2006)

    9. I Loved Another Woman – Fleetwood Mac (1968)

    10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) - U2 (1991)

  6. You mean Teresa and her tacky mansion aren't right down the street? ;)

    Actually Bakersfield isn't that bad. There isn't a lot in the way of night life, but lets be real - we do not do much living in the night anymore. :)

    I'm looking forward to exploring the surrounding areas - very different for both of us, desert and mountains. The coast is still just 2 hours away, which isn't bad.

  7. 1. Act Naturally - Buck Owens & The Buckaroos - (1963)

    2. Chicken Shack Boogie - Amos Milburn - (1948)

    3. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship (1987)

    4. I Feel Lucky - Mary Chapin Carpenter

    5. We are Family - Sister Sledge (1979)

    6. Midnight Rendezvous - The Babys (1980)

    7. Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) - Reunion (1974)

    8. Hold Me - P.J.Proby (1967)

    9. Blue Tarp Blues - Sonny Landreth and Mark Knopfler

    10. Come On Down To My Boat - Every Mother's Son - (1967)

  8. Thanks all. Jenny, I'm sorry to hear about your MIL, but glad she's on the mend. It seems like things always happen over the holidays (to me anyway) which gives everything that extra touch of stress that we need. ;)

    I'm glad to be back. A break is one thing, but SF is a great de-stresser as well, and I do miss the webs.

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