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  1. Ooh yes! that is it! thank you so much!!!
  2. Does any one know this song, who is it by, and what is the name of the song? the first line is: "Cat is sleeping in the sun" then there's somthing like: "____ ____ _____ the colors call" ?? "sunlight patterns on the wall" can't remember any more of the lyrics :: I'm pretty sure it's from before 1971. I used to think it was Donovan, but I can't find it anywhere. :: Thanks!!!
  3. "Black slacks, Black slacks, Black slacks Black slacks, Black slacks Take it cool, daddy-o When I put 'em on, I'm a-rarin' to go" /Simon and Garfunkel -old friends disk 3 I was wondering if there was a conection between this and two 50's songs: Black Denim Tousers / The Cheers Daddy-O / Bonnie Lou Thank you!
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