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  1. I usually switch back & forth from the News/talk station's & KCSM 91.1FM (which is commercial free jazz 24/7)& occationally flip through the various rock station's when I'm in my car/work truck.

    When I'm home I'll have on either KCSM.org (yep,same jazz station on the net) or radiostarfleet.com which is sci/fi,anamine,game music w/an occational 2hr. 'variaty' show in the eve. :beatnik:

  2. Das and Sammy mentioned these guys in 'Random Music Thoughts', and after a quick search, I found there hasn't been a thread about this band.

    Pre-Michael McDonald? Or with Michael McDonald? What is your preference?

    I feel both versions have their merit. Certainly, both versions had their fair share of hits.

    I personally enjoy both versions also!

  3. The first time I'd heard of Rush was in my senior yr. of high school in '82 & the song was 'Tom Sayer' & I couldn't get to the store fast enough to get a copy of 'Moving pictures'. I loved that album! I later had bought other Rush album's & thought-"What the f... is that?" & just couldn't listen to them again without feeling my ear's would start bleeding if I did.

    Oh well-an aquired taste I guess.

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