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  1. oh yeah, I forgot my irritating song.

    I like Mellencamp, but in 'Rain on the Scarecrow', the snare drum has a "ping" to it that drives me nuts.

    Also, some people are gonna say this is blasphemy, but in Cream's 'Crossroads', where the bass and guitar go off on their own little solos, it just sounds like a mess to me.

    I much prefer Skynyrd's version.

  2. you know what I don't like? This is a small problem, because I just fastforward through it, but I don't like the 2:30 beginning to "Time" by pink floyd. just clocks and tom toms and droning guitar.

    Oh my. I LOVE that part. It builds to such a crescendo...oh man, the first half of two equally wonderful parts. One of my all time favorite songs. :bow:

  3. Being the old timer that I am, I've seen Cheap Trick back in the late 70's and again, in the early 90's, right when bassist Tom Petersson re-joined the band. I have to tell you, Cheap Trick is very underrated. The time I saw them in the 90's was in a place called the Stone Balloon, a club. I was on a first date with my future wife (I'm quite the romantic, aren't I?) Anyway, it was one of the funnest, enjoyable shows I've ever been to. The sound was great, the band really looked like they were having a good time, and it was the first time my wife kissed me. What a great night :D

  4. Boy, you guys really like that show. I don't think

    I've ever seen an entire episode. I'm gonna cast my vote for the old man with no teeth. Maybe that grandfather? I don't know. But that's my vote.

  5. I've enjoyed reading this post, and have several comments. Pick out the ones that pertain to you.

    1. I'm discovering that Catherine and I are are like minded on Clapton and his 'overratedness'. Quite pedestrian in his solo work. I also agree with you that Angus Young's work is very pleasing to my musical palate, and that's what music is all about.

    2. Yes, I remember Facedancer (Red Shoes) and Crack the Sky (We came all the way down from an acid trip just to play for you)

    3. I think "The Strokes" is a cool name for a band, but "The Stroke" is a horribly, horribly bad song.

    4. Eddie Van Halen was top dog for a while, but he doesn't go exploring too much. His work today is fairly close to what it was in 1977. Ditto Ted Nugent

    5. If I were going to have a band, I'd call it "Mental Floss"

    That's all I have to say about that....

  6. I want to make a CD with songs from 1975 (the year I was born). So far I have Lady Marmalade, This Will Be (an Everlasting Love), and Shining Star. Plese help me think of some more songs.
    go to top40.about.com. They have the top 100 songs year by year. It's a good reference.
  7. I had this same list in another forum. Favorite songs, I think. I didn't realize they were one hit wonders till someone pointed it out to me.

    Go All the Way - The Raspberries

    Give Me Just a Little More Time - The Chairmen of the Board

    Sunshine - Jonathan Edwards

    Sweet City Woman - The Stampeders

    Vehicle - The Ides of March

    Western Union Man - (forget the Artist)

    Also, I must take exception to mrs mojorisin's listing Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town" as a one hit wonder. What about Jailbreak, Whiskey in a Jar, Dancin' in the Moonlight, The Cowboy Song, etc? I'm a big fan of Thin Lizzy, and I think they never got the respect or recognition they deserved.

  8. See, the beauty of music is right here in this one forum. It's all about what whets your musical palate.

    Anyway, I like alot of PF, and I'm on the fence about what their best album is, but Time is easily my favorite song. Roger Waters captures how truly insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

    You run and you run

    To catch up with the sun

    But it's sinking

    Racing around to come up

    Behind you again

    The sun is the same

    In a relative way

    But you're older

    Shorter of breath

    And one day closer to death

    Sheer brilliance. A masterpiece.

  9. That's pretty tough. Everyone goes through phases. At this very moment, though, I would have to list these five

    1. Go All the Way- The Raspberries

    2. Sweet City Woman- The Stampeders

    3. Sunshine - Jonathan Edwards

    4. Give Me Just a Little More Time - Chairmen of the Board

    5. Vehicle - The Ides of March

    Am I showing my age?

  10. I

    would like to chime in here, if I may. I've been reading the posts about the grammar and spelling issues. I have been afflicted with the "spelling things correctly" disease. It got to the point that I actually came in fifth in the Delaware Coalition for Literacy Spelling Bee, to toot my own horn.

    Anyway, I've learned that people are always going to spell things incorrectly, be it laziness, carelessness, or they just don't know.

    My point is, I don't get myself in a twist over words spelled incorrectly. Don't get me wrong, when I see one, it's like it's flashing off and on with a big arrow pointing at it.

    However, by pointing it out, you only accomplish two things:

    1. You either hurt the person's feelings, or you make them angry.

    2. You make yourself look condescending and/or smug.

    Oh, and by the way, my screen name comes fron car racing. I root for Dale Earnhardt Jr, since his Dad's no longer around. He's won a bunch of races down in Alabama at the Talladega Superspeedway. Hence, Jr. owns Dega.

    So I just live and let live.

  11. From reading all the posts on this subject, I feel safe in saying I may be one of the oldest people in this forum. I was around for, and saw alot of the bands live mentioned earlier.(Zep, Kiss, etc)

    This is just my opinion, but MTV effectively killed music. Well, not killed, but made musicians today alter their entire musical process. We "old timers" grew up when the only time you actually saw a band was on say, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, or The Midnight Special. Then came MTV, and you suddenly had to look the part as well. There are SOOOOO many acts out there right now that have very little, if any, talent at all.

    I'm not saying it's all bad. There are, I'm sure, talented bands out there. I couldn't really name any, simply because that music from today gets on my nerves. I'm not saying it's bad. It's just not my generation. I DO however, know this...for every ONE good band out there, there's 10 Britney Spears, J. Lo's, and boy bands whose main talent is jiggling around and looking pretty.You can string their songs together, end to end, and have one continuous song. There's very little thought put into the music. Can anyone out there honestly say that someone like Shania Twain would sell the way she does if she didn't wear those Batgirl outfits all the time? Or if you never saw her?(Pre-MTV) Of course not. If you take away all these people's visuals, then what you are left with is one long monotonous dance beat. Call me if anybody ever sees one with a guitar or drumsticks in their hands.

    I missed the whole grunge thing, but apparently, Kurt Cobain spoke to an entire generation. My youngest brother was really affected by his death. He (my brother) said Cobain was a poet.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is the cream rises to the top, as far as musicians go. You young folks know good music. The people I've seen mentioned in here are all bands who actually play their instruments.

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