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  1. Anybody want to play? There's about a month until kickoff.

    I can start a league if nobody else wants to do it, but if someone else wants to be commissioner, by all means, go ahead.

    We need to think about getting it started, so we can hammer out how we want to score the league.

  2. Really? It hasn't changed for 20 years, has it? It's still basically a beat with talking over it, with the occasional theft of a pop song sample.

    The format hasn't changed. The lyrical content is more violent now, though. It's always degraded women, that hasn't changed.

    As far as disco, I hated it at the time, but now, I can listen to it for the nostalgia it evokes in me. I was 13-14 years old when it was at it's height of popularity, so disco always takes me back to that period in my life.

    Also, I professed an undying hatred for the BeeGees and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, when I secretly thought it was a brilliant piece of original work.

  3. Pardon me. LOL. I read this whole thread at once. As I was getting finished with my reply, I remembered the Kimba question. I thought it was Laurie.

    Shawna, pleeeeeeezzzeeee, pleeeeeeezzzeee forgive me. :: :jester:

  4. The Six Million Dollar Man.

    "Steve Austin....astronaut. A man barely alive. We can rebuild him, make him better than he was. We have the technology. Better....stronger....faster"


    The Incredible Hulk.

    "Mr. McGee, don't make me angry....you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

    While we're on the subject of Bill Bixby, The Courtship of Eddie's Father. A great intro song.

    And yes, Laurie, I remember Kimba the White Lion. It came on after school, somewhere between Ultraman, The Banana Splits, Spiderman, and Captain Scarlet.

    Boy, they sure don't make tv how they used to, that's for sure.

  5. Welcome, Admiral. ::

    Oh, man, there are a whole lot of songs with the title 'Young Love'. I imagine you are looking for the version from the 1950s, done by the Crew Cuts.

    Here are the lyrics:

    They say for every boy and girl

    There's just one love in this whole world

    And I know I've found mine

    The heavenly touch of your embrace

    Tells me no one could take your place

    Ever in my heart

    Young love (young love), first love (first love)

    Filled with true devotion

    Young love (young love), our love (our love)

    We share with deep emotion

    Just one kiss from your sweet lips

    Will tell me that your love is real

    And I can feel that it's true

    We will vow to one another

    There will never be another

    Love for you or for me

    Young love (young love), first love (first love)

    Filled with true devotion

    Young love (young love), our love (first love)

    We share with deep emotion

    If that isn't it, then here is a page with all the artists who have done a song with the title 'Young Love'. Click on any one, and the lyrics will come up.

    Welcome to Songfacts. Got any money?

  6. Then why the need to comment on what anyone else says?

    A person's reasons for posting their image is theirs, and theirs alone.

    If they do it to boost their esteem, that's their business, and no one has the right to question it.

    Esteem , in my opinion, has very little to do with it. The overall feeling I get is people post their picture is more for a sense of familiarity. I know what UncleJoe looks like, so I have an image in my mind of who I'm speaking to when we're here. Same with Peaches, Chris, Bluesboy, edna, etc.

    The only person who has a right to be concerned about the comments, is the person who posted the image. Period.

    If you don't want to compliment someone on their looks, fine. But don't dump on those who do compliment others.

    And no one, as far as I know, has ever posted a 1-10 scale along with their image, ever. If that's what you do when you look at someone's image, then all the 'beauty grows from the inside' stuff you posted is null and void.

    That's not being nasty. It's just a comment.

  7. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and it's the inner qualities of a person that really brings out the beauty of someone.

    Face the reality, TP.

    Extremely over-weight is not attractive. Neither is extremely under-weight.

    Well? Which is it?

  8. I enjoyed both cuts. Is that photo a cd cover? I'd buy one.

    They have a crisp sound, you know?

    The Meaning of Life paints a good picture. Right away, the artist sets the scene, in the space of a few lines. He doesn't waste a lot of time with the setting, he lets the listener fill in the details with their own 'song image'.

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