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  1. I'd have to say that Elvis was the best in his day when rock was young.Jerry Lee Lewis was jealous of Elvis.Jerry felt that he should be "The King" instead of Elvis.Carl Perkins was also a contender for the King title but was in an auto accident and couldn't perform for awhile so he lost out to Elvis.Carl wrote Blue Suede Shoes by the way.As far as having a favorite song by Elvis I pefer Crying In The Chapel.

  2. Check out Classical Gas by Mason Williams.

    There's lots of great guitarists who don't use a flat pick such as rockers Jeff Beck and Mark Knopfler for example.These guys play with bare thumb and fingers.There are other players who finger pick not with bare fingers but use a thumbpick in combination with finger picks.I saw Keb Mo on a t.v. program recently and noticed he was using the thumb pick and he had finger picks on three of his fingers as well.He's great and plays tradiional style blues. :grin:

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