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  1. There never has been , nor will there ever be anyone as cool as Elvis. No-one with the stage presence, or command over an audience like Presley. And this video shows him totally radiating coolness....
  2. Everyone sing along, because it feels good!!!
  3. Love is but the song we sing, And fear's the way we die You can make the mountains ring Or make the angels cry Know the dove is on the wing And you need not know why C'mon people now, Smile on your brother Ev'rybody get together Try and love one another right now Some will come and some will go We shall surely pass When the one that left us here Returns for us at last We are but a moments sunlight Fading in the grass C'mon people now, Smile on your brother Ev'rybody get together Try and love one another right now If you hear the song I sing, You must understand You hold the key to love and fear All in your trembling hand Just one key unlocks them both It's there at your command C'mon people now, Smile on your brother Ev'rybody get together Try and love one another right now Right now Right now!
  4. I'm heading out to the marina. Anyone wanting to join me, I'm waiting. In the meantime...... Weekend!
  5. I live in a border city. If I drive less than five minutes I can see some of the taller buildings in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit had scads of murders by gun last year, we (Windsor) had 4. 3 of which were committed by Americans. With guns. Despite that, my opinion is that Americans are normal folk just like myself. Travel away toward Toronto and other points of Canada away from the border (Canada and the U.S. share the longest unprotected border in the world)and the opinion does change. I have heard numerous times the opinion that the Americans are something akin to Yosemite Sam, a shootin' first and a askin' questions last. This is because of the beacons we are given by the media, people like Ted Nugent and Charlton Heston, and the attention drawn to these people by Michael Moore. So the people that do not travel to the 'States have the opinion that they have. They are scared shi*less of you guys. But most of the people I know in this city of 200,000+ view Americans as our friends and allies. I travel to the U.S. often. I find most of you to be friendlier than we are. Your waitresses are friendly and call you "Hon" or "Sugar". People smile at you more. You Americans are the model of hospitality. You make me feel at home. But your "You'll get my gun when you can pry it from my cold dead hands" and "Protected by Smith and Wesson" bumperstickers remind me I am not really at home and that my life and the lives of my family are in a little more danger here. I don't like guns and think only the cops and the military should have them. Living in a border city with Detroit as a neighbor we are inundated with American television. The night of the Columbine tragedy, Bill Bonds (a senior Detroit news anchor) made a long commentary. He ended by saying he "just didn't understand how these kind of things can happen. We'll be back after these messages." (fade to commercial) "This weekend! Michigan's Light Guard Armory! (cue singers) 'Bill Goodman, Gun and Knife show! Bring a buddy, bring a friend!' Knives! Guns!" The screen shows acres of tables of guns, a guy in the background holding up what appeared to be an Uzi, his pal looking at a machete. Leaving me thinking about Bill Bonds last comment and saying, "Uh, Bill, uh, I can see how it might have happened." And on the heels of that, "Why in the good name of Christ would you need a *****ng machete in Detroit? Being a firm believer in the laws of probabilities, your chances of being hurt by a gun escalate drastically by having one. Respectfully, Ken.
  6. The smells that make me happiest are Wet neoprene rubber, the open water intermingled with 2 stoke engine oil and Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo (all diving smells) The smell of Mom's Christmas turkey on Christmas Morning The smell of wet asphalt shortly after a summer rain begins. A freshly cut lawn. The smell of my Grampa's garage in the high of summer when I was a small kid. A combination of heat, gas, oil, lawn clippings, sun-heated wood from the rafters, clean rags and a hint of Brut cologne. Just writing that makes me miss Grampa. Toss in a radio tinnily saying "Ici a Radio Canada" and I am 8 years old again. The smell of things growing, a green smell if you will, best caught by yourself on a bicycle path deep in the woods. Dirt. Good black soil. The perfume "Tabu". Moms favorite when I was a kid and comforting for whatever reason. Mambo (or Mamba) another woman's perfume, reminds me of a girlfriend I never really got over. Ken.
  7. Nirvana performing Rape Me and Smalls Like Teen Spirit Rick James performing "Super Freak" (cocaine is a wonderful thing)....
  8. I think the tickets to SNL are free. If so, can you imagine being lucky enough to be there the night this was the musical guest?
  9. I remember Sinead turning in this intense version of Bob Marley's "War". It was what she did at the end of the song that freaked everyone out. And the audiences reaction..... total tomblike silence.... Ken.
  10. Midnight in the garden of good and evil . Good or bad, over the years SNL has brought a lot of different artists to us. Any favorite moments? Ken.
  11. "Hope I die, before I get old"...
  12. I've been a fan of these guys forever. Hypnotic. They backed up Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live and completely upstaged him.... Ken.
  13. I can't stop. Here is the Go Go's doing an early performance of "We Got The Beat". A personal note, Belinda Carlisle bears a shocking resemblance to my wife in this video. So much so that my son asked (he was a lot younger at the time), "Hey, 'zat Mommy?" If you are a Dead Kennedies fan, here is their performance of Bleed For Me X does Beyond and Back , Gang of Four with He's Send In The Army Devo with a brilliant rendition of Uncontrollable Urge Wall of Voodoo with Back In Flesh Echo and the Bunnymen with Puppet Joan Jett looks positively hhhhhhhhhot turning in a performance of Bad Reputation The Fleshtones do Shadowline and Gary Numan does a clinical Down In The Park . Prior to seeing the video I was unfamiliar with XTC, they do a wonderful Respectable Street Before there was rap, there was John Cooper Clarke with "Health Fanatic" There were some other bands in the movie that I could not locate the videos for, an awesome performance by the Police opening the movie with "Driven To Tears", John Otway doing a performance that rivals the Cramps with "Cheryl's Going Home". One of the later bands in the movie is a group called Skafish. The singer has (seriously) the biggest nose I've ever seen on a human being. Pere Ubu performs "Birdies". UB40 is present as well with "Madame Medusa". The Police end the movie with Roxanne. I wish I could have found all the performances... Ken.
  14. And from the same movie, this is Chelsea . If anyone can tell me anything about these guys, I'd appreciate it. Watch what happenss at the one minute fifty second mark to the guitarist on the far left of the stage. Must not have been watching the singer. Hysterical....
  15. I had rented the VHS tape "Urgh! - A Music War" dozens of times in the late '80's. Forgot about it, and then when I went looking for it again, it was out of print and gone. This is the days prior to the internet. I called Fox Home Video in California and spoke directly to the president's secretary. She was from my hometown, yes she had a copy of the tape, and sent it to me. This is one of the highlights of the tape that I have had put onto DVD. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and I guarantee you have never seen anything like this in all of your days. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the CRAMPS and after that, Klaus Nomi Don't say I didn't warn you. Ken.
  16. Salvation is but a click away. I am new to youtube and was overjoyed to find this.... Ken.
  17. It's like the second coming of Christ in Detroit. You have *no* idea how intense the buzz is building for the tour. He could more than likely do 10+ sold out shows at Pine Knob (the new DTE Theatre, but it will always be Pine Knob to me) without even trying. I'd pay a grand to see him. Swear to God, I'd borrow it if I had to. There is nothing like seeing Seger live in Detroit. "As I told everybody last night, I was readin' in Rolling Stone where they said that Dee-troit audiences are the greatest rock and roll audiences in the world! I thought to myself, shi*, I've know that for TEN YEARS!" Bring it on, Bob.
  18. Mike, I'm pretty sure it was written about you.. He's a rebel and a runner He's a signal turning green He's a restless young romantic Wants to run the big machine Hope you didn't rush through the day.... Happy Birthday, Brother.
  19. "I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you When you breathe, I wanna be the air for you I'll be there for you I'd live and I'd die for you I'd steal the sun from the sky for you Words can't say what love can do I'll be there for you " To paraphrase the Ramones, "Mr. Programmer, I got my hammer, I wanna smash my (smash my ) Radio!"
  20. I forgot to add Belafonte's betrayal to all his male bretheren, "Man Smart (Woman Smarter)". Ken.
  21. My forgotten music involves Marty Robbins' "Gunslingers and Trail Ballads" with songs like "El Paso" "Cool Water" and "Big Iron". In the same category includes Harry Belafonte's "Calypso", which is a completely gorgeous album that has been kind of in my life since I was an embryo. I'll forget about it for the longest time, then fall in love with it all over again. Tracks like "I Do Adore Her", "Brown Skinned Girl", "The Jackass Song", the stunning "Jamaica Farewell", popular "Day-O" (often mis-titled as the bananna boat song), and the lesser known "Star-O". Check it out, it's worth it... Ken.
  22. Ken

    My Ding-a-Ling

    Ahh, Edna if I made you laugh, then that does my heart good..... Ken.
  23. Ken

    My Ding-a-Ling

    My Ding-a-Ling Chuck Berry When I was a little bitty boy, my grandmother bought, me a cute little toy. Silver bells hangin' on a string, she told me it was my ding a ling a ling ! My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want to play, with my ding a ling My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want you to play with my, ding a ling And then mama took me to Grammer School! But I stopped all in the vest-i-bule Ev'ry time that bell would ring catch me playin' with my ding a ling a ling My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want to play, with my ding a ling My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want you to play with my, ding a ling Once I was climbing the garden wall I slipped and had a turrible fall I fell so hard, heard bells ring but held on to my ding a ling a ling! My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want to play, with my ding a ling My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want you to play with my ding a ling Once I was swimming cross Turtle creek Man, them snappers all around my feet Sure was hard swimming cross that thing with both hands holdin' my ding a ling a ling My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want to play, with my ding a ling My ding a ling, my ding a ling I want you to play with my ding a ling This here song it ain't so sad the cutest little song you ever had those of you who will not sing You must be playin' with your own ding a ling a ling! My ding a ling Your ding a ling, your ding a ling We saw you playin' with your own ding a ling My ding a ling everybody sing I want to play (everybody now) with my ding a ling Really. What did you think you'd see a picture of?
  24. There was another one for Nintendo, I think it was the Legend of Zelda or something like that that sucked you in and you played and played going from level to level, then your brother-in-law brings over Mega Man and you played and played, going from level to level and while you were busy accomplishing what really amounts to absloutely nothing, the Japanese done bought up all of Vancouver and two-thirds of British Columbia. Then Christmas comes around and you haul out the mini-lights that you paid top buck for last Holiday season, and three-quarters of the strings fail to illuminate. So you spend weekends on end flicking each and every lamp in the string and just before you give up and cut them to licorice sized chunks, it flicks on for a split-second giving you false hope and keeping you flicking and flicking. Then you get frustrated and go to Home Hardware and purchase one of those electronic guns that guarantees to get the string going and you find out the gun is of the same quality as plastic vomit, and you realize that while you were doing these monumentally unimportant tasks, the Japanese done bought up all the prime real-estate in Toronto. Yup. Legend of Zelda. They got even for Hiroshima and Nagasaki....
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