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Steve Augeri doesn't sound like Steve Perry. I think not.

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I went to a Journey concert in Grand Forks, ND this year with Steve Augeri singing. I thought it was pretty close to Steve Perry. I listened to Any Way You Want It (Live) off an album that is labeled as Capture. I don't know if that is right but anyway...

That said it was recorded in 1981 which means Steve Perry would have been singing. But that didn't sound like Steve Perry. I listened to Lights and that sounded like him. It didn't sound like his recorded voice but it sounded good. Then I listened to Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' and you can tell it is Steve Perry. And Steve Perrys voice is better of his recorded and edited albums but live I think Steve Augeri's voice live is closer to Steve Perry's recorded and edited voice then Steve Perry's own live vocie is.

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