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Fathers of Alchemy


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This is my latest song, since I removed two I lost count. Progressive rock tune.

Fathers of Alchemy

(Written November 18, 2005

By Mike R. Smale

© 2005)

I. Challenge of the Gods

In days when man was immortal-

Pure, with righteous hands.

The age of light and wisdom-

Without war’s dire brand.

Answers began to be found

To thoughts that never were.

Justice and morals drowned-

In science’s splendor.

II. To Forge the Stone

A burst of liquid fire-

Toxins in the air.

Atop the windswept spire,

Witness mankind’s err.

A rock of immense fortune,

To grant gold and endless life.

To reclaim his lost virtue,

Of the ancient times of man.

Forever lost in deadly thoughts,

To reverse what they began.

III. Extinction

Eons passed- and all for naught,

The sacred stone became unsought.

Man resumed his way of life,

Ravishing the lands.

Ending is own reign-

With his once righteous hands.

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