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2 Poems, plus a story eventually.

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They are both about storms O_o I like rain and bad weather and stuff :D

Leaves drip with rain-water onto the moist ground,

The grass was as wet as water itself,

Another round of rain had began to drizzle,

Soon enough, thunder broke out upon the quiet town,

Windows shut, doors blocked, blinds closed,

Panic roamed the city in search of destruction,

Bolts of lightning stormed down, with mighty power,

Damage was done, people had died, buildings destroyed,

Birds as large as crows stopped in mid-flight,

The citizens stopped everything for such a sight,

For the storm was now over,

The birds flew much lower,

The trees shook off the water in the wind,

The message was clear to them all,

The next time something was at an end,

It hadn't even began at all...


A drop of water began the end,

A lightning bolt came upon us,

Thunder shook the earth,

Tornados searched through the city,

The world was in a panic,

From the Pacific to the Atlantic,

Earthquakes appearing everywhere,

No seemed to care,

Water started to flood,

Turning into blood,

Windows shattered, houses collapsed,

All the time had lasped,

The sun tried to show,

The water began to flow,

The clouds disapperaed from the sky,

No one would ever die...

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