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June 18, pick:

Reason: Gilmour's PULSE performance while touring The Division Bell in 1994 produced arguably one of the top 10 guitar solos of the age. Solo itself is so organic and full with emotions, you can't really stop listening to it. Gilmour knows how to show the real power of guitar when played with emotion.

Comfortably Numb Songfacts

Friday, June 19 pick:

Reason: oh my.. so many reasons. Just enjoy one of the best vocalists of our time doing a show while entertaining itself and the crowd. This particular performance is out of this world and can not be repeated. It's so much cooler when the performers could actually go out of the stage and perform right next to the people. And not only that, but to feel comfortable being there. Singing off sound monitors or ear plugs, hitting every note, enjoying the crowd reactions and dancing to the band's solo performance. Yes. It is out of this world.

Try doing something like this these days.. What could happen?

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