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Flea think Cutting Arts Funding is Child Abuse

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Flea is a household name in the music industry at this point. The Red Hot Chili Peppers low end master has been grooving and inspiring people for years, causing many a bassist to start slapping along to some of the funkiest songs in popular music. Along with inspiring through recordings and live performances, he co-founded the ‘Silverlake Conservatory of Music’ with some friends back in 2001, offering private music lessons and free lessons for certain qualifying people. He throws fundraisers every year for the school, attracting huge names and great crowds.

In a Rolling Stone interview, he called out politicians looking to further defund arts and music education from schools, calling it ‘child abuse’ and ‘just wrong’. Music kept him out of trouble as a youth, and he sees it is a very powerful community building tool that should be protected. The team at Silverlake Conservatory have also been expanding their work, bringing other affordable and free music education projects all over Los Angeles. Flea will be playing at the next benefit concert with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with Anderson .Paark and Randy Newman.

In my opinion, cuts like this are depriving young people of an artistic, creative outlet, taking yet another potential positive in their life away from them in the name of cost cutting and budget saving. Enough people are brought up in the world without the ability to think critically for themselves due to restrictions placed on their education; cutting back on arts spending is is one step further into that abyss. Every person in the world needs the tools to assess information and come to their own conclusion, and to have an outlet for their own creative desires. This needs to be a part of their schooling. As Tony Blair once said, ‘Education, education, education’. 

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