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Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I've been on here, but hopefully I can be here to stay for good this time!

So, onto the point of this post. Recently, and I'm not to sure how, I discovered the animated television series "Clone High." It only lasted one 13 episode season before going on hiatus. It ran on Teletoon Detour in Canada and MTV in the US. One of the creators is actually the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence.

So, the theme song by Abandoned Pools describes the plot pretty directly:

Way, way back in the 1980s

Secret government employees

Dug up famous guys and ladies

And made amusing genetic copies

Now the clones are sexy teens

Now they're gonna make it if they try

Loving, learning, sharing, judging

A Time to laugh and shiver and cry

A Time to watch...

Clone High

Energetic and engaging

Clone High

Our angst is entertaining

Clone High

Our plans are never boring

Who am I?

Clone High

The show revolves around the lives of teenage clones of Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, Joan of Arc, JFK, and Cleopatra, as well as their mad scientist principal Dr. Scudworth and his robot butler/vice principal/dehumidifier Mr. Butlertron (who calls everyone "Wesley.") Other clones make cameos; The clones of Caesar and Van Gogh commonly recur.


An interesting part to analyze of this show is how different the Clones' personalities are different from that of their clonefathers/mothers. For example, Abe is very indecisive and easily swayed by peer pressure.

So, this show has some great humor surrounding the lives of teenagers and is a parody of the Teen Drama shows of the 1980's. Every episode is a "Very Special Episode" and deals with issues in a humorous way. For example, instead of getting AIDS, someone catches ADD.

There are also a lot of historical jokes, as it is a show about famous historical figures. The malt shop where the clones hang out is called "The Grassy Knoll" complete with a flag always at half mast...

Episode 9 "Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts" is, as the title implies, a parody of the rock opera. It involves the clones getting high from smoking....raisins. Yes. A lot of the songs remind me of those from Tommy, and a plot point of the episode is similar to that of The Wall.

So, why did a show this creative and funny get put on hiatus after 1 season?

The show, being mainly Canadian-produced, completed its run before premiering on MTV. (I think...)

Somehow, people in India found out Gandhi's portrayal as a party animal, and, slightly understandably, got offended. They demanded MTV pull the show, which had never aired in Asia, or they would go on a hunger strike. So, as their Asian market was currently the fastest growing market, MTV had to listen and pulled the show before the final episodes could be aired, leaving the unresolved cliffhanger the show ends on unknown to US fans. I also have read they shifted the time slot often and aired an episode or two out of order.

Shame that such a clever show was cancelled too soon. However, I'm glad it was cancelled before it could get stupid, but another season or two wouldn't be bad. It's not on Netflix, but the DVD is still available on Amazon. All 13 episodes are included. (It's also all over YouTube if you care to preview it)

On a slightly unrelated note, I plan on dressing up as Clone Abe for Halloween...

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