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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, so a few days a go I heard a song on the radio, and I've had it stuck in my head for the past few days and I remember hearing it when I was a kid, but I really don't know the title, or remember any thing much with the lyrics, all I know is that it had the theme of a married guy who meets a girl on either the train or bus to work and begins to like her or something, and I cant remember quite clearly but I know he ends up letting it be as he was already married or something. This is kinda vague I know, and I just need to know e title as I really cant seem to find it anywhere even goggling it failed. I even went out of my way to make an account here just to ask about it. Sk yeah thank you ahead for the answers.
  2. SongFacts Forum Members, I'm desperately searching for a song from my childhood that I remember only a fraction of. It's a pun-filled children's song about ocean life. As closely as I can recall, the lyrics contained, "I'll oct-o-push my self right to the shore; there's so much there you can explore" certain and "Just for the halibut!" The track was part of a tape cassette album. The lead singer was female. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. I've already determined that the song isn't Wet Dream or Lobster Never Flounder or the Hawaiian Fish Song (humuhumunukuapua). And I haven't been able to find any other candidates from either Google or the lyric websites and apps. Fellow children of the 80's, does anyone remember this song? Please feel free to comment on this post - even years later - if you have any ideas or resource suggestions. Thanks, Simon
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