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  1. Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Soundgarden, Peace & Silence, Mother Love Bone, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Gas Huffer, Green River and too many to name. I love just about every grunge band I've heard (which is most of them) except Some Velvet Sidewalk.

  2. Well, this topics perfect for me. AiC is my all time favorite band. I think they are very underrated, but this in one way is a good thing. If they were a huge giant popular band, then the media would have made Laynes life even worse than it was, by putting in every magazine rumours about his condition (they already did that some, but it could have been worse), and crazed fans would have been waiting outside of his condo to catch a glimse of him and take a picture. Believe me, AiC was better off being relatively unknown in the last years (98-02).

    BTW RIP Layne

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