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  1. The point is (so I thought) the Facts section should be Facts, not opinions - particularly when they are insulting/personal attacks on the artist. I thought discussion about songs (their merits, or otherwise) was meant to be in the Disussion section. Also, people are posting things as "facts" when they are nothing but erroneous and misleading statements. Therefore, once you have spotted this in relation to songs you know something about (e.g. in my case many Beatles' songs) then you cannot be really sure if what you read (i.e. about another song) is factually correct or not!!! For me, it d
  2. I really like this site, but I get irritated by postings by users underneath the facts which are absolutely not relevant or not factually correct. I was appalled today to read postings saying that Yoko Ono is a [bleep] and that Mark Chapman should have shot her instead of John Lennon. There's enough hate in the world without making personal attacks which have nothing, anyway, to do with the song. Is there any way the moderators/administrators can stop non-factual stuff being posted? I thought the Message Board was meant to be used for discussions about a song and yet I constantly see thing
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