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  1. You know the Pearl Jam song, Better Man ("She lies and says she's in love with him. Can't find a better man" etc). Had that song been previously done by another artist or was it an original?

    Ever since the first time I heard it (by Pearl Jam) for some reason I've always thought that I'd heard before, maybe ages ago. At first I thought it might have been Joan Armatrading, but searching by that artist didn't turn up anything.

    So was this a figment of my imagination? It wouldn't be the first time that I thought I'd heard something previously but was mistaken.

  2. I haven't heard that song for ages but I can clearly remember the intro you're talking about. It was sung almost like a little ditty or shanty or something, wasn't it.

    Going from faint memory here, but I'm pretty sure it didn't sound at all like Page or Plant. I also had the feeling that it was Bonham, though I've never seen a video clip or anything to confirm it.

  3. Dam it's a small world. I'm also from Newcastle Australia and was also trying to remember who sang that song.

    I found this thread vis google BTW. Typed in the few lyrics I could remember, "one more night" "welcome mat" and google sent me straight here. :)

    In the back of my mind I kept getting the feeling that it was sung by "Three Dog Night", but searching by that band turned up nothing. I guess the "Dog" part was the common theme that got me onto that track.

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