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  1. Oh , man. I remember WCW Nitro. But I didn't know it was named for a city! LOL. I also remember watching films about Freddie Blassie. Too young to have actually seen him wrestle...I liked Jack Brisco and Dory and Terry Funk. And Dusty Rhodes. He was a character.

  2. Well, who are fans here? And is it Smackdown or Raw?I think Raw has the most explosive action, although I watch Smackdown more frequently. And favorites: [*]Coolest: Has to be Edge! The long, leather coat is very happening. [*]Scariest: The Dead Man! The Undertaker rules. [*]Most mentally disturbed: That Hidenreich(sp) dude! [*]Most cliche': Jon Sena. Word life my hiney. [*]Most delusional: JBL. How could he not know that he really sucks? [*]Person that knows he sucks and doesn't care: Kurt Angle [*]Coolest entrance music: Booker T [*]Give it up already: Ric Flair [*]Funniest: Eddie Gueraro [*]Dumbest: Triple H [*]Most underrated: Funaki...LOL [*]Best back and forth banter: Michael Cole and Taz. I think their "arguments" are hilarious! [*]Best looking: Ummmm...have to get back to ya on that one.

  3. Well, yeah, Roger. I think they are insinuating that there are more, but they don't show them because I guess they are like an afterthought while they concentrate on the main characters. But, a few unseen faces did surface on the episode where they erected the golf course. I was like "well, who the heck is this" myself. I was surprised to see them.

  4. of your favorite songs? Okay, I love the song Always by Bon Jovi. (what, am I hearing snickers in the background?) I concede the fact that most of their lyrics are simply profound, or just profoundly simple.Either way, I like it! :: So, I can see Aerosmith doing a cover, with Steven Tyler's emotional and sometimes lusty screams kicking the song up a few levels. Or Boys II Men doing it up in that famous four-part harmony, coinciding nicely with the sweet sound of the strings. Just listen... :coolio:

  5. Oh please, oh please! They have to renew this! It's the best darn show on tv right now in my opinion. And once they get done with the main characters' stories, they can fill up episodes by expounding on all the other no-names that got stranded with them, the ones we don't see but we know are there. I think it was said that there were 41 or 43 people stranded in all. They could introduce us to those. What do you guys think?

  6. Oh man, thanks Lucy for clearing that up. So it wasn't just me! And now that you mention it, they sure didn't do it for Sawyer's either.Gosh, I hope they don't start fiddling with the formula, because thus far it is working great. You know, if it ain't broke...!

  7. Okay, I taped the show and watched it late last night, but I must have been in a daze or half-asleep, because I still don't know how Sahid came to be on the plane! Did I miss something, or are they going to follow up on this or what??And yeah, I thought it was so sweeet the way he shot himselffor the sake of this woman! Nice touch, Sahid. :thumbsup:

  8. Okay, okay, Lucy! You've got a point--Sawyer is great to the extent that he is handsome (those cute dimples) and dare I say it, has a little sex appeal. LMAO!! But, no, I really do see your point. He didn't shamefully milk the situation for ALL it was worth, and it's something to be said for that!I still won't go as far as saying I dig him, though. Let's just say that I've developed a tolerance for him...

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