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  1. Oh, man, Abba and Michael Jackson well their suckiness can span for decades now. LMAO. I did like Hopelessly by Rick Astley. :DWho were those UB 40 people? Can we all say "lame?"You mean Belinda with or without the Go-GOs? Same difference, I guess.

  2. Only one of the suckiest bands of the 80s, Men At Work. Okay, I was reeled in like everyone else then, but I grew up musically.What other bands did you all listen to then that would get you harrassed for days now if you were found out? How about Men Without Hats? Wait...I see a pattern here.

  3. I'm watching, too. And I have to admit that that damn Sawyer is getting sexier with each show...did I say that? I can understand Michael's son whatshisname being tired of moving from place to place, but why, oh, why would he want to stay on a deserted island with giant boar creatures???And who knows what else? Puh-lease.

  4. He is actually one of the few rappers that I could digest. He was rough and tough, and some of his lyrics were questionable, but he had tremendous insight and wrote things that made one really think.

  5. OH my! I thought that there was something strange about Shannon and Boone, but raalllfffo!!! They look too much like real siblings for it to work. It seems so..so insectual. This can't be what they were going for here. I hope. And, forget Sawyer. Everybody better watch their back for Locke. There is something really sinister about that dude.I'm beginning to think that he's hell's gatekeeper or something.

  6. Hi, earth angel. I watched the show at the very beginning, I think the first two episodes, and let me tell you, it got old very quickly. It is a quirky comedy and it has its moments, but it was a little too mindless for me. It was like Dynasty on speed...

  7. Does anybody remember the Von Eriks? It was Fritz, the dad, David, Kerry, Kevin and Chris. And all the boys are dead now but Kevin I think. If you believe in curses, this is what was supposed to have happened to the family. It was strange stuff to have happen just one after the other like that...very eerie.

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