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  1. Singer Sylvia had a song I thing it was in the Eighties...it was kind of eerie/haunting sounding and the ONLY lyrics I can remember are from the beginning of the song: "Lone Star signs are flashin" Any help Please?
  2. This is a song sung by a male...kind of heavy metal sound, the only lyrics my friend and I can remember are thsee "WAKE UP CANT FIND YOUR MAKE UP" Or "WAKE UP GET YOUR MAKE UP" any help musicoligists? Thanks!
  3. The lyrics go "leave that young thing along"
  4. Not even sure if I spelled the song right but who sang Yolanda back in the late 80's or early 90's I think is when it was. I'm thinking New Edition but I could be wrong. HELP!
  5. Who sings that song & what's the name of it? "says she talks to angels" <<<<
  6. It's called "Blinded b the Light" it's by Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  7. Are you sure got my hash pipe is not Weezer's "dope nose"?
  8. Male singer: Lyrics "I got my hash pipe" Next song: "Grass is always greener" BUT NOT THE TIM MCGRAW SONG Last song: Male singer: "Are you gonna be my girl?" Newer version....thanks
  9. Chris Isaak's song that says NO I DONT WANNA FALL IN LOVE, thats called Wicked Game, right? Or is it called I dont want to fall in love?
  10. Lyrics sound familiar...Clint Black did a song before Pearl Jam called Better Man and they lyrics sound like might be same song...but I cant remeber the Clint Black version so not 100% sure
  11. I am refering to...ummm I dont know..my friend asked me about the following Cure songs, "Love Cats" "Sunday Bloody Sunday" "Friday I'm in Love" and as she said "another song that doesnt have lyrics" So maybe you can tell me those 4 insturmentals. Thanks!
  12. More songs I'm trying to figure out. 1) What is the name of The Cure song w/out lyrics? 2) Yes, still stuck on that Fleetwood Mac song "Cant find a better man" Thats all the lyrics I have, dont know decade etc. Thank you!
  13. You are all awesome even when I (actually my friend) doesnt have the lyrics right...I need the name of this Fleetwood Mac song, I only have these few lyrics: "Something like man cant" Not much to go on but I have faith in you all
  14. You all were so good w/my first posting now I would like some more help. Can you tell me who sings the following songs...I think it might be Jewel, also if you can tell me the names....all I have is a few lyrics: 1)And you just dont get, you know you go so pathetic & you learn to accept, you know you're so pathetic. 2) Am I standing still beneath the lying night 3) Stood in the rain w/a coat off 4)I will get down on my knees & I will pray....my hands are my small I know but they're not mine they are my own & I am never broken....in the end...only kindness matters Thanks all!
  15. The Lyrics are "Hey hey like getting stoned" It's a male singing not sure if solo or group but think its a group.
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