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  1. The Beatles

    1. Norweigian wood


    3. Come together(before all the commercials and still)

    The Red Hot Chilipeppers

    1. Aeroplane

    2. Otherside

    3.Under the bridge

    Led Zepplin

    1. All of my love

    2.Over the Hills and far away

    3. The Ocean

    Wow so many other great songs that those bands did that i had to exclude from the list. O well. :rockon:

  2. Believe it or not, there is a fine line between country and blues. The "father" of country music, Hank Williams, was taught how to play the guitar by a great blues guitarist(I forgot his name help me if you can). And the banjo is derivitave from an stringed instrument that was played in africa centuries ago. :guitar:

  3. I think one of the greatest guitarist is the classical guitarist Andres Segovia. He is a legend that was more revolutionary than Hendrix or Page. He took the guitar a somewhat simple intrument and embellished it with beautiful rhythms worthy of a sitar player. Also the man never stopped(he played from the age of 4 til' 94), his last concert was played a month before his death. So you can thank the Robert Johnson for the Blues but don't forget the father of guitar, Andres Segovia. :guitar:

  4. G-sizzle did you really think riddick was cool? You've got serious problems. Obviously its been a while since you've "seen beautiful".(ven diesel quote from movie) Im guessing you also like the league of extraordinary gentlemen. Yea the soundtrack sucked too, the drumming was so archaic that Rush's Steve Peart(correct me if im wrong im stoned right now) would send the movie's director to hell for allowing a major production's soundtrack to suck as much as the movie itself!!!!!!!! P.S. G-Sizzle your name is getting old consider changing it. :rockon: not

  5. Danger Zone's cool, but Wham's "Playing with the Boys" is the shiznit. JK. I like Cavintina from "Deer Hunter". :guitar:ON a random note, what do u think is the best vietnam war movie. I think Platoon is overrated, What do you think?

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