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  1. in "comfortably numb" roger waters sings the "...hello, is there anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone at home?..." type of lyrics, i guess he's the doctor/manager in the song. david gilmour sings the "...i have become, comfortably numb..." type of lines, inside Pinks head i suppose.
  2. YES, That's it! I just *found* a copy of the song and listened to it and it sounds much better than i remember thanks Crazy Don 8)
  3. I don't think they had an official lead singer, they just listed "Vocals" next to their names. I love both their voices and they sing really good songs but i think its funny when one guy tries to sing a song that the other guy used to sing.
  4. After watching an episode of SpongeBob Square pants, the one where he reads a poem/song with the lyric "but i went and blew it all sky high", I tried finding the name of the song with a similar line but couldnt find it Basically, from what i can remember, it's a song from the 70's, has a male and female singing the lines together and goes something like this... "...but then you went and blew it all sky high, "...without a reason why, "...you blew it all sky hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Any ideas what song this is?
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