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  1. Thanks for the replies, I did in fact post at mtv.com and within no time it was unanimous, I took a look at the lyrics and thought no way, but after getting a clip of the video, they were right. artist: Brand New Album: Deja Entendo Song: The quiet things that no one ever knows Thanks again
  2. Any thoughts appreciated. I have been all over lyric search engines and mtv and vh1's site and found nothing that lists songs that may have been on a a top 10/20 or all things rock, like and archive, would anyone know if mtv or vh1 keeps such a record of previous songs on their countdowns? I have posted on the mtv board but I have received no replies, thanks
  3. Man I am glad I found this site, trying to figure out a song/group and its driving me crazy. I have a video in my head and part of the song but for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the band or the song, think of it as a brain teaser. I will tell you what I can and hopefully, one of you will know what I am talking about, otherwise I may go crazy trying to figure it out. I am almost positive this song was on the top 10 or 20 on vh1 or mtv last summer, possibly all things rock or battle of the bands. The title of the song was pretty long, so that would stand out, I wanna say the title was something to the effect of " things that happen but no one hear...in the night"??? Again not sure or obviously I wouldn't be asking, I tried a partial search everywhere imaginable, nothing, so I figured it might ring a bell with someone here. The video opens showing a truck (I recall it being a chevy) that has crashed, they take the fellas "girlfriend" to the hospital, throughout the video the singer is fadeing, he watches over his girlfriend in the hospital, blah blah blah, at the end he is laying near the crashed vehicle dead.... possibly under the vehicle, implying all along he was some sort of ghost. This song was definitely not for everyone. I recall it was played last summer for a few weeks. Some have suggested a nickelback song, but thats not it, this song was done by a less "main stream" group. Any thoughts appreciated, thanks
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