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  1. I drove past a plant nursery where it must be a policy that the attendant at the front of the business should be alerted by way of car horn before customers can pick up their purchases from the back greenhouse.

    Click here to read the handwritten sign out front that made me laugh so hard I almost ran off the road.

    Blow in the front for entry to the rear. :laughing:

    Reminds me of the shirts you could get at "Cappy's Liquor" in my hometown, where a card game could break out at anytime: "Cappy's Liquor; Liquor in front, poker in the rear." They also had an impressive collection of Elvis decanters.

  2. I will not stand by and listen to you all slander the Testes. They are a very nice couple and are great fun to hang out with. In fact, Harry Testes is a real nut. The family is originally from Greece. They "Americanized" their name to Testes. The real family name is Paratestes.

  3. My 45 year reunion is coming up. I'm not going. I went to the 10 and the 15. They were fun but I haven't gone since. Those from HS that I want to see...I see fairly regularly. And FB has reconnected me with others.

    I feel the same way. I went to my 10th, but have missed all the others, up to my 25th, which was this month. FB is good enough....

    Kenne, I hope your dad is feeling better soon.

  4. You poor sweet thing. I still can't get the image of you after you were sprayed in the face out of my head and now I'm worried about your teeth issues. Come to Mama Peaches, baby. ((((((Heimann))))))

    Wow, I meant that at least 87% less creepy than it came out. :laughing:

    Kari, I just visualized that whole scene. You were wearing a mu-mu and were a little sweaty.....

    Very creepy! :thumbsup:

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