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  1. "Pronounced Lynyrd Skynyrd" is by far my favorite from the above list. That album just rocks!! Led Zeppelin and The Eagles were the only other bands on the list that I listen to regularly, though I have albums from all of them except G&R.

  2. For some reason, I have always been fond of "A Quick One (While He's Away)" by The Who. I like the live version, which can be found on The Kids Are Alright. It was taken from "Rock and Roll Circus", a Rolling Stones project that seemed loosely based on an American Bandstand kind of thing (or Ready, Steady, Go! for the Brit's) where an audience sat around at random places on the set. Friends of the Stones (Jethro Tull, Marianne Faithful, Dirty Mac(Lennon/Ono/Kieth Richards/Eric Clapton/Mitch Mitchell)and Taj Mahal played. The Who stole the show. The Stones' performance was inebriated at best, so it was kind of an embarrassment to them (so I have heard.) The performance was taped in 1968, but was not released until 28 years later in 1996!

  3. At least we can all take comfort in the fact that Adrian will now be played by Scarlett Johansson or some other twenty year old with perky boobs and a flat stomach. :beady:

    But I'm not bitter...

  4. Favorite Word-Jackass

    Least Favorite Word-Carbuncle

    What Turns You On-Spousal Flagellation

    What Turns You Off-"Meat Breath"

    What Is A Sound You Love-My Daughter's Laugh (not original, but true)

    What Is A Sound You Hate-Fingernails On A Chalkboard

    Favorite Curse Word-C**k Sucker

    What Job To Try-Interpretive Street Dancer

    What Job Not To Try-Ruminant Inseminator

    God's Greeting-"We have been watching you...good job!

  5. The biggest laugh I got from the South Park movie was from Mr Garrison after he said, "I dont trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesnt die."

    One of the best worst movies ever is "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." Remember the theme song "Hurray for Santee Claus?"

    How vile.


    The theme is in the upper right hand corner at "play the song"

  6. That was "Lost In Translation" It took place in Japan. I enjoyed it, but I could see how it would be a disappointment if one was expecting a typical Bill Murray type character (which I am a fan of.) I wont deny that looking at Scarlett Johanneson may have made the movie a little more tolerable...

  7. I saw the title before I opened the thread and thought right away of the Tom Waits album "Nighthawks at the Diner." It is a live album that is full of great introductions to songs. They are really more dialogs that lead into the songs than the intros that everyone else is talking about. The album starts with Tom greeting the audience: "An inebriated good evening to you..." and builds up steam from there. A very cool album.

    Now for the obligitory Stones entry. Mine are "Gimme Shelter" and "Heartbreaker."

  8. MarcM, you forgot that Taco Bell won the food franchise war, with the help of President Schwarzenegger. Forshadowing anybody?

    Oh yeah!! Freaky....is life going to immitate art?!? If they change the rule about being born in the US to be president, I guess I will have go out and start looking for futuristic robes to wear. I got to move with the fashion, or be outcast...

  9. Did you know he was in a cheesy 1993 Sylvester Stallone movie called "Demolition Man?" You know, the movie that portrays the future as only having one resturant, Taco Bell, because they won the "fast food wars"....anyway JB plays a member of a group of people that live underground. They are called "Wasteland Scrap." Their leader, Edgar Friendly, is played by Denis Leary! The movie revolves around the future police defrosting Stallones character because a super duper bad guy from the past (when Stallone was around before being frozen for beeing too much of a badass) is defrosted because he has served his time. The bad guy is played by Wesley Snipes. This is actually a kind of funny movie...Oh yeah, Sandra Bullock is in it too. I think this was her first major part in a movie.

  10. "Eyes Wide Shut", Kubrick's last movie. It was about a strange, secret society (some people believe The Illuminati)and how a doctor, Tom Cruise's character, gets involved with them. Kind of strange. I think Dr Starangelove is my favorite, though.

  11. Not my kind of music, but isnt that the band where the guitarist killed the singer and ATE him (at least part of him)because the singer was getting more acclaim from fans for "being evil." The guitarist was miffed because his efforts at heinous nefariousness were not being acknowledged. Talk about "one-upsmanship!"

  12. Los Angeles-X

    I Left My Wallet In El Segundo-A Tribe Called Quest

    Buzzbomb From Pasadena-The Dead Kennedys

    Woman From Sodom-The Mentors

    Hollywood Diary-Black Flag

    New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones-FEAR

    Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis-Tom Waits

    I Wish I Was In New Orleans-Tom Waits

    I'll Take New York-Tom Waits

    San Diego Serenade-Tom Waits

  13. Are you talking about "The Time of the Season" by The Ben Taylor Band?

    It's the time of the season

    Where love runs high

    In this time give it to me easy

    And let me try with pleasured hands

    Take you in the sun to promise land

    Show you everyone

    It's the time for the season of loving

    What's your name

    Who's your daddy

    Is he rich like me

    Has he taken any time

    To show you what you need to live

    Tell it to me slowly

    Tell you what I really want to know

    It's the time for the season of loving

    What's your name

    Who's your daddy

    Is he rich like me

    Has he taken any time

    To show you what you need to live

    Tell it to me slowly

    Tell you what I really want to know

    It's the time for the season of loving

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