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  1. Be really careful going out of a building during an earthquake. It is not recommended, actually, because the exterior parts of the building, like the facade and chimney, can fall on you. In fact, that is how one of the two that died in this earthquake died. Of course, if you have heavy stuff falling on you inside.......

  2. Sat through a 7.2 earthquake that was centered in Baja California, Mexico, about an hour ago. It lasted about 25 seconds and was a roller! There have been lots of other sizable quakes around the area that WERE NOT AFTERSHOCKS, BUT THEIR OWN QUAKES!! There was even one in Sacramento about 400 miles to the north, a 5.2, about 11 min after the 7.2. This is shaping up to be an interesting Easter! Anyone else feel it? Lucky and Blues Boy must have felt it worse than I did. Or even Shawna and Kenne in Arizona...

  3. I will reserve my reaction until I find out how it effects me personally. I am in favor of health care for people who can not afford their own insurance, but I cant take having to pay even more in taxes. I am barely afloat as it is. It is getting more and more difficult living in California.

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