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  1. Sounds like a training day! OC is supposed to work on just about everyone because it causes a physiological reaction to pain. It is supposed to make anyone who comes in contact with it be blinded and have an uncontrollable cough. Not always true, but I have had better results with OC rather than CS. CS works only on pain compliance. It wont always work on someone who is wasted or has a high tolerance for pain. The OC we use is water based and propelled by gas. That way, it you can get some relief if the sprayed area is flushed with copious amounts of water. You dont have to spray in the face, either, any sensitive area will do (if your suspect happens to be nakid....)

    The stuff I have now is a mix of OC and CS. It is nasty.

  2. does anybody know how to delete a Facebook account.

    for some reason Facebook sent out hearts to all my friends and I never requested that they do that! I am beyond embarrassed and thinking about never using facebook again.

    You mean you didnt want to send me a heart? I am crushed!!

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