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  1. Huh?  bluesboy, I don't get the "olive branch" biz.  I don't have and never did have any animosity with any one here.  As I'm sure happens with just about everybody, I simply found other unrelated websites that I took an interest in, and kinda just let visiting songfacts regularly slide away.  Thanks for the cool videos.

    My new semi-homesteading situation is grounded in nothing more than quality of life and pecuniary considerations.  In another five days,  I'll be 72 years old  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8VNtKwqmU8  and I'm completely content to have paid no mind to facebook, instagram and rest of that stuff.  But I'm not reclusive or antisocial by nature.  I'll probably be back here more often when I come across groovy tunes to share. 





  2. Hey folks,

    My wide-open musical tastes haven't changed since I first since I first signed on here in 2005, but pretty much lost my taste for the specks of smart-alecky trivia that seemed to be my specialty.  My interests have moved back to reading, writing and goofy image manipulation (photoshop stuff).

    About eighteen months ago, We moved cross-country to larger rural property with space to raise a lot of our own produce, chickens and my girlfriend's expanding personal petting zoo (2 goats and a pig).  Looks like I last ventured to Songfacts May 2018.  Never have been a social networking person, but will likely drop in when my chores are done.




  3. Not quite the same thing, but a two-record LP set that I think was interesting is Canned Heat's Living the Blues. 

    Record 1 = Sides 1 and 4;  Record 2 = Sides 2 and 3.  The purpose was "Refried Boogie (Part I)" and "Refried Boogie (Part II). Each part is 20 minutes plus. If you had one of those old old school vinyl record changers that would drop one on top of another, you were able to listen to all of the epic "Refried Boogie" without having to turn a record over. 

  4. Top Ten Duos Whose Fame Didn't Last As Long As We Thought It Might

    10. Sonny and Cher

    9. Martin and Lewis

    8. Beavis & Butthead

    7. Milli Vanilli

    6. Diana and Fayed

    5. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley (Wham)

    4. Kriss Kross (Mac Daddy & Daddy Mac)




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