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  2. Has anyone here seen Aeon Flux, or know of her?

    It was a cartoon on MTV in 1991-1992?

    It's about Aeon Flux, a bad-a__ chick!

    Anyway, it was pretty graphic, lots of body counts, sex, fetish stuff going on.

    I just heard that Charlize Theron is going to play her in a live action movie.

    Aeon Flux will make Tomb Raider (Angeline Jolie) look like Barbie.

    I gotta go check this out! :shades:

  3. Yes! I am A Kevin Smith fan..

    I also pick a day to watch:

    Clerks - "I don't appreciate your rouse!"

    Chasing Amy



    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!

    I love those movies! Smith Rocks!

    Hey, somebody told me when Kevin made Clerks he maxed out like 7 credit cards just to make the movie....Well, I'm glad he did..... woo-hoo! :rockon:

  4. I realize 5 people could have 5 different views of the same song. So here goes mine.

    I was always in trouble growing up - I guess trying to grow up too fast. My parents always told me what to do, and would not tell me why they wanted it done that way, or why I should do it that way.

    So, the song to me is saying like my parents wanted me to grow up and be what they wanted to be when they grew up, they were trying to live their life through me.

    No matter what I did, it was never good enough.

    I always told them to leave me alone, let me do what I want to do. Eventually they did. Then, I grew up. I realized there are reasons why they told me what they did.

    Any other views on this????? :stars:

  5. I agree with MuzikTyme. If you like the song, just enjoy it.

    In December of 2002, Jay Jacobs interviewed the lead singer, Leigh Nash, of the band Sixpence None the Richer.

    He asked, " How would you ideally like people to see the band's music? "

    She responded, " I guess just as music that is made by people who really love to make music...but obviously I want people to get something out of it and really enjoy it and make a connection with it."

    Looks like you've suceeded.

    It's a great song. They did the remake because they loved the La-La's - nothing more, nothing less.

  6. Hey, before some of you get your panties in a ruffle....

    Shrek 3 and 4 are already in the works!

    Shrek 3 is going to deal with The Knights of the Round Table. Sounds interesting....

    I just like the fact that they continue to keep the origonal cast...Oh, by the way, John Lithgow is coming back...Wonder how they fit him into the picture??????

    Anyway, I loved 1 and 2, looking forward to 3, and 4 ... =:P

  7. I always like to read other perspectives on a song.

    I just thought it was about a new relationship and it running the course. It's like when you start a new relationship, and you want to impress the other person so much so they like you - but you are not the "real you". Then, later in the relationship, after you get "comfortable" slowly, the real you shows. And the other person thinks, "what the hell was I thinking - everything I used to like about you, I can't stand now! :stars:

  8. Well, Queen Latifa has my vote -

    She is a strong, black, and beautiful woman (she's the covergirl on this month's GLAMOUR).

    She has a rap career, and a movie career (Barbershop, Chicago, Bringing Down the House, etc.plenty others).

    She is also a COVERGIRL makeup model.

    Then there's always Halle Berry.

    Gabrielle Union.

    Jada Pinkett.

    They are all talented, and beautiful.

    I'm sure you guys out there could name more>>>>> Come ON!!

  9. HMMMMM -

    I do beleive I read that it was Marsalis' soul in the breifcase ealier in the post -

    But, the band-aid thing is wrong -

    When Marsalis apparently "sold his soul to the devil"

    the back of his head (where the band-aid is) was where they "extracted" his soul.

    He paid his debt off, and he sent the guys to collect his soul back.

    How's that?

  10. I haven't seen a lot of Anti-Rap in the posts.

    I beleive it's just a music preference.

    It doesn't mean we do not like rap - it just means we would rather fill our ears with other types of music.

    I listen to a little bit of everything - I like

    Eminem, Dj Quik, Fabolous - I also like Keith Sweat, Sade, and Christina Aguilara -

    I just prefer Maroon 5, Depeche Mode, Our Lady Peace, Juliana Theory, Stone Temple Pilots, and Live.

    I say to each their own..... :blah:

  11. castellogirl,

    I was also upset when Amy was voted off. I thought she had the "total package" - great personality, stage presence, and voice.

    I also thought from her audition she would win - at least the top 5.

    Jennifer Hudson had a killer voice, but her eyes when she sings just bugged me. What was with her eyes anyway??? :googly:

  12. I don't if anyone on the website watches American Idol, but tonight, I was deeply saddened.

    Jasmine is a wonderful singer, but she is out of her league with Fantasia, Diana, and the newest "dumped" American Idol Latoya London.

    I'm hoping Fantasia pulls it off - to be the new American Idol. She definitely has the voice. But, Diana has come a long way, baby!

    Who do you want to win????? :bow:

    Any comments on pass winners? :help:

    (I admit, I cried like a baby when Ruben Studdard won last year - I thought for sure Clay had it in the bag....though I was pulling for Ruben)

  13. This song sounds like a "pothead song".

    Seems like a lot of references to drugs. "Fly away on my zephyr" I don't think he's talking about a gentle breeze, or the mythical Greek God of wishful thinking. Sounds like he's saying, "take a hit with me".

    Many people have said this is a love song. I guess it can be. But, after listening to the song, and reading the lyrics, sounds more and more like a "pot" song.

    Out of curiosity, what is the bet with your brother? And who won????? THANKS!

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