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  1. Hey, I was driving home this afternoon, and there was a good song playing on the radio. Unfortunatly I lost the radio signal before the song finished and the name was mentioned. All that I can remember for lyrics is "Come on Come On, Get up" I know this isnt much to go on, but suggested song names, or the lyrics would be much appreicated.



  2. I heard this song on the radio about this guy who decides to build his own car from parts that he steals from an assembly line he works on. He carries the car parts in his toolbox to get them out. The car only has one tail fin and three headlights and stuff. Any help would be great.

  3. Hey, I just heard this song on the radio but I don't know what it's called. I'm turning my dilemma over to songfacts for the answers. The only lyrics I could hear/remember are as follows. It starts out "Ring a dong, ring a linga ding dong" or something to that extent. Later on in the song, you hear "Ring my bell, ring my bell". It's a rappish song with the ring my bell song mixed in. Any help would be great.


  4. So now I feel bad. Turns out, the lyrics were You are the best arond, and I feel bad for asking for your help on the wrong lyrics. Thanks to everyone that did try to help. I appreaciate it. The song is You're the Best by Justd from the Karate Kid soundtrack. lol Thanks again.

  5. Hey, I've always turned to this site in the past for music questions, so I'll use this site again. My coach keeps singing this song, but the only words I can remember are "You are the greatest". I realize this isn't alot to go on, but if anyone has any suggestions, that would help. Thanks.

    AJ :afro:

  6. I once again call on the help of the smart people who read these questions and help answer them. I have heard a song on the radio a couple of times, and I know a bit of the lyrics, but I cannot find the name of the song. "My boy's gonna play in the big leagues, my boy's gonna knock 'em dead" I believe those are the right words. Could anyone help me with this? Thanks.

    AJ :afro:

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