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  1. DALE CROVER of the Melvins. He's amazing for being able to stay in sync with Buzz Osbourne's off-beat rythyms.

    *Also if you live anywhere near Baltimore, MD, check out the drummer for The Medications. I don't know his name, but he's an amazing preformer with tons of energy.*

  2. I'm not sure if its been released on DVD, but Pink Floyd Live At Pompei is a great work of art. Also, like 2 years ago, I picked up a VHS for a great price called Legends Of Rock. It contains classic performances from legendary artists such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, and Santana. Again, I don't know if this has been released on DVD, but I highly recommend it.

    "I got one up in the chamber, don't make me wear yo ass like some '85 Wranglers." - Master P

  3. I woke up to the alarm clock blasting this awful song in my ear this morning. It's been ringing in my head all day. The song is about his realization of the burden of responsibility he owns with the now serious relationship he's in. It all falls on him, its up to him to grow up and to get over whatever self-doubting or self-loathing (darkness in his veins) he feels, so her dreams of a life together(her perfect sky) can come to fruition. By the way, Fuel being from my home town(York,Pa), I've been pressured by friends to see them live numerous times. Their lead singer is the biggest rock-n-roll egomaniac since Gene Simmons.

  4. Thank you Denmark Street! Rap (more appropriately, Hip-Hop) IS the most important form of music right now because it's still changing. It's still evolving. Even though media outlets are currently saturated with the bling-bling rap, its still giving us a fresh sound. I predict at some point this flashy form of hip-hop will give way to a more organic sound, just as flashy hair bands of the 80's gave way to the sounds of grunge. Keep your ear to the ground though, things are already starting to change.(think- Outkast) When they do, at least we'll be left with the Jay-Z, a true arist who conquered the world of hip-hop and made it his own. (Check out his Blueprint album, the measuring stick for all other hip-hop albums)

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