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  1. Me! In fact, saw them only last night at The Astoria in London!

    Great concert, they are very enjoyable live.

    I've loved them for years, ever since I heard " Don't Start" and " Birdhouse in your soul". Their songs are smart and funny and they've never taken themselves too seriously which is unusual. By far the best 'college' band Ive heard.

  2. MT...you and I can write something in 30 minutes, hire a cameraman and get some idiot on TV to recommend our "wonderful little film" and become millionaires.

    Damn, now everyone knows!

    Uh, wanna start a band?

    and why is that a silly idea?

    Agreed, Blair Witch Project didn't deserve the level of praise that was heaped on it, but it wasn't a bad little film and I enjoyed it. I'd rather watch that than some expensive teen slasher movie with realistic blood!

    Sure, It was cheap and amateurish...but that was the point. And it suceeded in being scary partly because of that.

  3. I know there are a few Rush fans who are regulars here, so I thought this might interest them.

    Went to see your boys at Wembley Arena last night. First, I have to say that I am certainly not a fan of theirs, In fact, the only song I know is 'Spirit of Radio' ( I think its called) that was a hit many years ago, and I never liked that much.

    But a work acquaintance had a spare ticket, offered it to me, and as I wasn't doing anything else...you know the rest.

    And I have to admit I was impressed. Still not really my scene, but they put on a damn good show and I can see why they are still popular after all these years.

    But the lead singer's voice....ouch!.

  4. Is this about movies that are too clever for their own good, or about popular movies that you just dont like?

    If the latter, then top of the pile for me is Titanic. What a waste of time and money that over-hyped piece of schmaltz was.

    Also, any movie that sells itself on the strength of its computer generated images. There is no longer anything very 'special' about a 'special effect' produced by a machine, so stop trying to make out that we're all so impressed with it anymore. Chief culprit is the Matrix series, which was just pointless eye candy.

  5. Sometimes, I think we can try to read way too much into a song and try to give it a deeper meaning than it actually has.

    This is one of those instances. Like a lot of Queen songs, it really doesn't have any great internal depth...its just fun. It covers all the 'ancient mythology / sword & sorcery' themes that were so popular in seventies rock but its not meant to be taken at all seriously, its just a good rock n roll tune.

    BTW, the coda at the end ( I do like to be beside the seaside) is a popular British music hall song from the 1930s, and 'prom' is short for promenade, which is the equivilent of a boardwalk.

  6. Another vote of approval for "Revolution in the Head" by Ian MacDonald as THE best book about the Beatles and their music.

    He goes through each and every one of the songs that they officially released,explaining the background to them and how they were recorded. Although it sometimes strays into jargon that only those familiar with music theory will understand, its a fascinating, very informative book, and absolutely essential for any Beatles fan.

  7. Denmark, would you know the location of Philadelphia in relation to New York City without checking a map?

    Sorry, but yes, I would. ::

    And just to clarify matters, Liverpool is situated on the north-west coast of England, on the Irish Sea.

    Its about 240 miles north of London, about the same kind of distance that Philadelphia is from, say, Pittsburgh ( maybe not so far in US terms, but another planet as far as we are concerned! )

  8. Denmark, why do you not like Americans? You've made it very obvious in many of your posts whether you realize it or not.

    You're quite wrong ,MT. I've no general dislike for Americans as a whole. I am occasionally a little surprised by the general lack of knowledge of the rest of the world that some of your fellow countrymen sometimes display, but even that is no reason to dislike them.

    I think you may be misinterpreting my casual use of 'you people'..its not particularly dismissive I believe. Same language, different interpretation.

  9. Itchycoo Park, The Small Faces ( Spitalfields)

    West End Boys East End Girls , Pet Shop Boys

    One Better Day, Madness (Camden)

    Harrow Road, Big Audio Dynamite

    Plaistow Patricia, Ian Dury

    Picadilly Parlare, Morrissey

    Finchley Central, New Vaudeville Band

    Solo in Soho, Phil Lynott

    That should be enough for now, but this list could go on for ever....

  10. 1. Lemon sorbet. Much better than ice cream anyday.

    2. Bad Education

    3. Neither, of course. " Peanut butter and jelly"..what a disgusting thought.

    4. Una Stubbs. Its ok, our Yankee friends wont have heard of her, but she was a babe in her youth. I would have been about 8.

    5. Black

    6. Orange... but in small quantities.

    7. I'd probably take the five minutes up at the bank getting it changed into proper money.

    8. Shreddies. Mmmm...malty goodness and a laxative in every spoonful.

    9. A. My reasons are tedious, uninteresting, and non -existant.

    10. "He hasn't a single enemy in the whole world. And none of his friends like him either" George Bernard Shaw.

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