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  1. Not being one to quibble, but wouldn't it be more accurate to say that a small minority of people in North America fought for independence with considerable help from those dastardly French, whilst the vast majority either didn't give a damn, were too busy trying to feed themselves, were busy passing on smallpox to the locals or even (dare I suggest it) supporting the Crown.... so you wouldn't have to care about the royal baby.

    For what it matters, many of us Brits have better things to do than worship our new king-to-be...

    Just a thought.

  2. Saw Mr Fitter and his ensemble on Friday - the bastard lovechild of Morrissey and Muttley McLad!!! Decent bloke in real life too btw.

    I admire the man's cool too - the fire alarm went off halfway through, and he had to improvise with 5 minutes stand-up whilst they found it and bludgeoned it off the wall.

    Looking forward to the next one...

  3. Looks like a wonderful tour. One day when the kids are grown up and if I still have my faculties I'd love to do something similar. Music and gastronomy would do it...

    Gotta watch those back roads of Essex - loud Vauxhall Novas and dogging wherever you park!!!

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