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  1. Awesome name, I want my next born to bear it, regardless of gender. :shifty:

    hehe, don't do it if your newborn is girl.

    Altho Zhivko in Bulgarian means Alive and the female name is Zhivka. Many people find the name cool tho :P

  2. We monitor every single external source now connected anyhow with songfacts.com and we will fight the spam, scam and all the rest annoying and harmful stuff.

    I just wanted to point out that there may be some kind of malwares, viruses, backdoor programs and such, that can exist on your PC and use any site url's or cookie cache or history info to do all this.

  3. Here is what we already decided the bare minimum for an artist/band. You guys and girls will take it to another level!

    artist name - alias

    band name

    birthday / band formation date

    picture gallery

    video gallery

    short band/artist bio

    when it comes to bands you get additional information such as:

    for the time period who was part of the band

    and how long. Artist role in the band (vocal, lead guitar, drummer.. etc.)

    website of the band/artist

    news and tour dates feed (when applicable)

    interviews we have related to band or artist.

    songs and songfacts related to the band/artist

    This is the minimum. Everything else will be your ideas and requests.

    P.S Let's not make it "wiki-wannabe". Surely the main idea is to provide facts that aren't listed much or hard to be found. But there is nothing bad if we are able to put all this information in one place.

    "A one stop reading center"

  4. This topic should be pinned! :)

    Go go go boys and girls! Shoot us out with your best ideas about what artistfacts.com should offer you regarding artists and bands. What would you like to have access to once you land on the page?

    Don't make us put a prize for the ideas that make it to the end! Or maybe we should? :P

    My favorite for now is:

    Let there be a place where anyone can ask something about the artist/band.

    For example:

    I always wondered why Gipsy Kings have half of the band playing on guitars backwards.


    Why they came out so frustrated on the stage when they did the Kenwood House in London DVD recording back in 2007.

  5. not bad :)

    first thing I notice: maybe put a timestamp for each comment... if I see "comment pages 01 to 07" I don't know which one's the newest and which one's the oldest

    If the blog would display the old ones first this wouldn't be very smart now would it? :)

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