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  1. June 18, pick:

    Reason: Gilmour's PULSE performance while touring The Division Bell in 1994 produced arguably one of the top 10 guitar solos of the age. Solo itself is so organic and full with emotions, you can't really stop listening to it. Gilmour knows how to show the real power of guitar when played with emotion.

    Comfortably Numb Songfacts

    Friday, June 19 pick:

    Reason: oh my.. so many reasons. Just enjoy one of the best vocalists of our time doing a show while entertaining itself and the crowd. This particular performance is out of this world and can not be repeated. It's so much cooler when the performers could actually go out of the stage and perform right next to the people. And not only that, but to feel comfortable being there. Singing off sound monitors or ear plugs, hitting every note, enjoying the crowd reactions and dancing to the band's solo performance. Yes. It is out of this world.

    Try doing something like this these days.. What could happen?

  2. it's saying if I registered before August 2014 I have to re-register :confused:

    I re-registered with the same email address and it still won't log me in

    Did you verify your email address by clicking the link sent by the system ? If you do this, then you will be able to login.

  3. I can't help but get drawn in the nostalgia feelings towards the quiz. I don't think many people realize that this will be the last and final quiz in this current format.

    I want to congratulate all the people who gave their time making it possible and keeping it running for 12 full years!

    Congratulations and respect to Brad and Carl for being the main wheels in the quiz machine. You've been part of something unique and that's something that you both should be immensely proud of!

  4. It is possible to run into error like this (server is set to reconnect the slow connections just so it doesn't spend RAM on dead ones.) It's fine as long as it's a single occurrence. The other problems that you had should all be gone now.

  5. Was this all? I expected at least 50 :)

    The idea of the topic was to acknowledge that some of the world known artists had successful run in music industry. (3 Albums released should count as success)

    The point that is missing here is that i was going for artists who would be immediately recognized as successful actors (despite their work in music).

    Just like Will Smith - Is he better known as actor or rapper (singer)? Did he started as actor first and later became singer or it's the other way around?

    How about Kevin Costner?

    (A second Kevin Costner and Modern West album, Turn It On, was released in February 2010 in Europe and was supported by a European tour.)

    I think there is still fish in the water :)

  6. I had hard time to formulate this one, but i find it really cool as topic. When we finish, we should have compounded a list of songs having the mistakes of singers or musicians recorded, but released anyway.

    Here is something to start:

    Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

    (The album version begins with guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong playing a wrong note. He begins again, repeats the wrong note, and proclaims "f--k!". Then the actual song begins.)

  7. I am not sure if we have this in the archive, but i taught it would be really cool. I was going through my collection and i found some hidden albums that i hid for a reason. Now i remember why. I wanted to make a list of all the Actors who started as singers. I think it would be really fun to compound a list :)

    Here is something to get you started:

    Bruce Willis : 3 Albums (1987, 1989, 2001)

    Eddie Murphy : 5 Albums (1982, 1983, 1985, 1989, 1993)

    Let's see how this will go :) Have fun!

  8. Oh well. This is what the system tells me:

    Current Server Time 10-05-12 03:29 PM PDT

    Current Time in GMT 10-05-12 10:29 PM

    Current Local Time 10-05-12 11:29 PM (GMT +0100)

    It's set up to be in Los Angeles timezone.

    Hardware clock is set to: 03:29 PM

    So i wonder where the problem comes from :)

  9. oh yeah... due to the server issues that we had earlier last month I wasn't able to add anything for a bit, but it's back now and in fact I just put up a new article last night. :)

    So thanks for the suggestion! I will put this in the queue. Sounds like a great story...

    oh yeah.. blame the server problems :badcomp:

    I am kidding :)

  10. Hehe, that's really tough one. However when i read your explanation of the video first thing that pop's up in my mind is "Bad Day" by R.E.M

    Unfortunately i don't recall any voice of female newscaster. We'll keep digging :)

    This tool may help you locate the song better then youtube:

    There are some words stuck in your head but you have no idea about the song or the artist?

    Try Songfacts Lyrics Search!

  11. Welcome to SongFacts, BD!! :bow:

    Woo Hoo!! Another SF chick! :wink:

    You'll love this place! Hang around long enough and it's not just about music, but about making new friends :grin:

    I don't know why but for me this concept "making new friends" is strange. Perhaps people are built differently. I believe that if we switch that back and believe in it we'll be ready for the next plain of existence ;)

    We should all be friends by default. And put aside those that are not worthy of our friendship and respect. This is me. Should i go further and expand this introduction?:)

  12. In the previous post, the last graemlin is from a site you can get many of them... :)

    I know :) But since we can't have that much (we gonna get confused) we need to choose 10 to add.

    Not all smileys deserve to be added.

    Here are some rules on the smileys:

    1. no bigger then 16px width or height

    2. no background other then transparent

    3. have to be connected in some way to the idea behind songfacts/artistfacts (music, trivia, artists, instruments etc.)

    4. Everyone (mods, editors) can have one personal smiley that is respecting the rules above.

    Here are the ones that i liked:

    :cuttie: :sing1: :frenchie: :inlove: :partytime1: :partytime2: :pianist: :shocked2: :haveabeer:

  13. http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=19459

    Btw, I officially open the topic for suggestions for 10 new greamlins (smileys) that you want to add to these boards. You can post links here or create new topic just for it :)

    You can go for personal ones too. Surely you have something that you would like to be identified with :P~

  14. I started smoking again because I couldn't get my SF fix for 2 days. Thanks in advance for all of the work you guys are putting into getting the boards back up and running!

    Carl, Zhivko & any others I'm sure who are also working hard:

    :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Nothing is excuse to get back to this nasty thing!-- the smoking ;) Well.. except catching on fire.. But this is not the case!:badcomp:

  15. 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, still the same.

    Won't connect unless I go thru the main page.

    How is now Brad? DNS took some time to kick in, and this time is different for the different parts of the world. Anywhere in between 2h - 72 hours. I guess everything should fine now.

    Btw, be sure to flush your dns cache (browser or computer). Many times the problem for this is just that the browser keeps trying to connect to the old IP resolved to the address.

  16. I Think there might be something to it. For me like a first time listener, i ended up with 2 different feelings for what this song is about. The first one was the obvious. The poor "in my case i listened to the version sang by Anne" woman looking for money to survive, having the "call" as excuse to beg.

    The second deeper one that i am more willing to accept was that "the person described in the song" is a hooker, looking for next client.

    Read this and tell me, isn't this possible?

    lyrics cut:

    "It's just a face in the crowd

    Where the traffic roars loud"

    I may be wrong tho.

    What you guys think?

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