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  1. I realize I'm jumpin' in real late on this one; I just got on board after being away from Songfacts for a long time...

    Can't believe nobody mentioned (or remembered?) the 70's glam-rock band Angel! (Punky Meadows, Frank Dimino, Greg Giuffria, Barry Brandt, Felix Robinson). Not only did they have some really great rocking songs, their LOGO was the only one that I recall that was perfectly legible upside-down! That was pretty much everyone's mindset at the time, come to think of it!

    (Damn, can't figure out how to show the logo here - I attached...)

  2. I've always loved Floyd and Gilmore as a solo artist but I gotta say, I was a bit disapointed in this effort. Too mellowed out and, well, boring might be too harsh - but not far from it. I'm used to a bit more growl from Mr. Gilmore - and his guitar. This CD was very melodic and relaxing if that's what your into and yes, thank God David's voice is still as it was 40 years ago. I just can't wait for his next release - I know he's still got what I'm looking for in him.

  3. I've really been enjoying this one:


    It covers many popular genres - my favorite is "Absolute Blues". I've discovered so many great blues songs and artists... If you've got some time to whittle away, you can "request" a song or two to be played from thier database; it will take an hour to be played (it's all computerized) but it's pretty cool nonetheless. I highly recomend this site for anyone into streamed music - there's something for everyone

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